Coming Soon


Punkin Kitty

Coming Soon

Lady Bug Bags

Tiny Superman

Teddy's Teddy

Little Giraffe

Sarah and Duck

Snowmen Ornaments

Mike & Eleven



Birdie Rattle 3

Birdie Rattle 2

Lion Rattle 2

Lion Rattle 1


Baby Beagle


Butterfly + Cocoon

Flapjack Frogs

Baby Doll Set

Uni the Unicorn

Birdie Rattle

Degas Project 1

Juan Pablo

Fuzzy Mitten Mystery KAL 2016


Birthday Pokéballs

Bradley Mystery CAL

Grab Crab

Bub the Bird

Mounted Bass

Tiny Lumberjack

Belle TP Cover

Fuzzy Mitten Mystery KAL

Tower of Owls

Red Bee

Bing Bong

Rattling Shadow

Super Shannon

Shermy the Sheep

Huggable Borgelorpe

Fuzzy Mitten Mystery KAL


Luke's Christmas Present

Vernon, The Winter Walrus

Paulie the Poly


Monsieur Splat Cat

Luke's 2nd B-Day Present

Ashton Mystery CAL

The Bird and The Bee

Birthday Hulk




Princess Jasmine

Birthday Zombie 2.0

Ferdie Firefly

Bethany Butterfly

Hazel Rabbit

Jeffrey Duck

Birthday Zombie

Fuzzy Mittens Mystery

Egg to Alligator

Spud the Sheep

Confused Moose

Husky Dave the Dragon

The Wormsleys

Petunia Pig

Classic Hello Kitty

Alvin the Turkey

Magnetic Fish Game

The Stylish Nadine

Tiny Mr. Pig

Louise the Elephant

Jungle Finger Puppets


Reversible Duck/Bunny

Wee Ones Elephant

Henrietta the Dragon

The (Not So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe

Fritz the Fox

Mushroom Rattle

Quincy the Horse

Maynard the Mallard

Nina the Rattling Butterfly

Norman the Giant Squid

Pokie the Piñata

Amber Mystery CAL

Buddy 2 the Giraffe

Blue Boy the Bird

Jay and Little Red

Petey the Purple Penguin


Chiquito Rene the Monster

Scrappy Ball Monster

Cuddles the Cuttlefish

Mr. Peanut

Tree Love

Valentina the Owl

Jake the Dog

Linda the Ladybug

The Slugosaurus

David the Gnome

The Slugingtons

Chick and Egg

Sylvia Snail

Mort the Alien

Sheila the Oyster Puppet

François the Lobster

Billy the Robin

Manny the Raccoon

Reginald Owl

Eunice the Pig

Sally the Dog

Shirley the Alpaca

Willis the Wiggly Monster

Rudolph the Musical Reindeer

Bernard the Bear

Milbert the Red Bird

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