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Hi Guys :) My name is Megan and I'm a 

I have always had a desire to learn, especially when it comes to learning new skills. I also love to tell others about what I learn and encourage them to try something new. Put these two ideas together and that pretty much describes my site. I post about sewing, knitting, and various other hobbies, products reviews, 'how to' explanations and tutorials, recipes, and money saving tips. If I I enjoy it, I put it out there. 

The name of my site came about because no matter what interest I'm pursuing, I love to tell other people about it - in fact, it's hard to get me to shut up. I have gone through many phases, all of which I was completely devoted to at the time. I've thrown myself into sewing, quilting, thrifting, photography, canning, cooking, knitting, baking, organizing, crocheting, dog training, and much more. Out of everything, I have to admit I am always gung-ho about my current obsession and want others to be just as excited as I am :)

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