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Hi Guys :) My name is Megan and I'm a Show-and-Tell-aholic! 

I have always had a desire to learn, especially when it comes to learning skills to improve my life. I also love to tell others about what I learn so they can learn it too. Put these two ideas together and that pretty much describes my site. I post about products reviews, 'how to' explanations for new skills and hobbies, recipes, and money saving tips. If I I enjoy it, I put it out there to encourage others to give new things a try. 

My husband actually came up with the name for my site a while ago because no matter what interest I'm pursuing, I love to tell other people about it - in fact, it's hard to get me to shut up about it. I have gone through many hobbies, all of which I was completely devoted to at the time, but have slowly taken a back seat as I find new ones to try out. I've thrown myself into sewing, quilting, thrifting, photography, canning, cooking, knitting, baking, organizing, crocheting, dog training, and much more. We even had our own Photography business for several years (we have pulled back from that recently due to time constraints). Out of everything, even my husband admits I am always gung-ho about my current obsession and want others to be just as excited as I am :)

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