Thursday, March 11, 2021

FO: A Birthday Snom

 Well, friends, we're going to reach way back in our minds to last year to October when I made this project. My nephew came to me earlier in the year and asked if I could make him a Snom. After I established what the heck that was (a pokémon, apparently), I started hunting for patterns. Months passed by, but his birthday was at the beginning of November, and since I found a pattern and had an occasion to give him a gift, I decided to make his Snom dreams come true.

It turns out that a Youtuber that my nephew watches has a Snom on a shelf behind them in their videos, so that's why he wanted one. He is also obsessed with PokémonGo, so I figured it would still be a safe bet. Plus this was a cute pattern anyway.
This pattern came from 1UpCrochet and she has a lot of game character inspired patterns. The patterns aren't listed on Ravelry, but I can attest the pattern was easy to follow and well written. Being me and wanting to make it as little work as possible, I made a few little changes. First off - I used safety eyes instead of felt ones just because I had them and didn't want the hassle of felt ones.
The other change was more structural. The pattern has you make an entire pill-shaped body in white, then make the blue outer area as a sleeve, which makes the stomach stay white. I couldn't be bothered with this, lol, so I just made the head in white, made a ridge at the color change and then made the whole body in blue. An 8 year old won't need that level of accuracy. 
I worked from my stash for this project and used I Love This Yarn in Antique White and Red Heart Super Saver in Light Blue. 
Also of note - making, attaching, and stuffing those spikes all over this thing  took just as long as the whole rest of it combined. I was very happy to be finished with putting those things on, for sure. 
Overall, I was pretty pleased with how this turned out and it was nice to be crocheting an animal again after so long. Isn't he cute?!

It also passed the true test - the approval of the new recipient! I'm glad he was happy, and I'm glad I made a toy again. Ever made a Snom for yourself?

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