Friday, June 5, 2020

Me Made May 2020

So, May 2020 has come and gone. It was an interesting one for sure, which put my usual Me Made May participation plans in a weird place. Not only was I not working due to closure for the pandemic, but also having lost 55 lbs and not sewing anything new yet meant I didn't really have a lot to choose from with what fit me and I could wear. Because of all the craziness, I didn't put up any official pledge this year since I didn't want to set myself up for failure not knowing what the month would be like. I did always have wearing me mades in mind when I got dressed, and I managed to wear something me made 16 days of the month, which I take as a pretty good showing :) So here is what I wore:
1. Hortencia Cardigan - This sweater became a background staple for several outfits. This is the perfect sweater to throw on when the ac gets a bit too chilly.
7. Stripey Planfrew - I hardly ever wear this shirt, and it is pretty loose now, but that makes it perfect shirt for working in my garden.
9. Burgundy Melissa Skirt - This is one of the only pieces I've bothered to alter since losing weight, and even this is now too big so clearly I need to do it again. I'm so glad I took this in though because I wear it all the time!
11. Black Stripe Renfrew & Burgundy Melissa Skirt - I really disliked this black stripe renfrew when I first made it because it was too tight. Now it's too loose :/ But it's still a great basic item so I might take it in a bit.
13. Hetty Cardigan - This sweater has stood the test of weight loss fantastically. This yarn has a lovely drape and weight, so it pulls down and looks flattering even though it's technically too big. I love it and feel like I need another, but I would want it in a yarn that does the same thing which is easier said than done.
14. Cherry, Cherry Plantain - One of my first ever t-shirts and it's still going! It's admittedly a bit pill-y now, but the Plantain has a loose waist design so it doesn't look bad after losing weight.
15. Alecia Beth Cardigan and Self-Repaired Shoes - This is another sweater that has held up great even though it's a bit big. All my fingering weight sweaters have, come to that. Also I had to do some sewing to repair some of my favorite shoes, which I'll be posting about soon.
18. Sailor Moon Jasmine Top - This was a deep stash dive. I have really only ever worn this shirt during Me Made May just on principle, but the style really is cute. It didn't fit when I made it because I didn't know what I was doing with altering the pattern. Now it's a little loose, which I think helps it a lot in terms of fit. I think I'll keep wearing this now :)
20. Otari hoodie - This sweater is seriously so big, but then isn't that what you want in a hoodie? I love taking this with me in case I get chilly out and about.
22. Altered 80s Burgundy Skirt - This skirt has been a fun re-addition to my wardrobe with losing weight. It was always a little bit tight, so now it fits great and it's super comfy.
23. Hetty Cardigan & Birthday Skirt - My beloved sweater again that looks super cute with this skirt. The skirt was quite big, but my shirt and sweater covered it, so I went with it.
24. Plumey Plantain & Burgundy Melissa Skirt - Another shirt that was too tight for a long time. Now it's loose and is much more comfy to wear.
25. Sewist Margot PJ Shorts - I made these and wore them to bed that night. I'll post more about these soon.
27. Eyelet Parisian Top, Altered 80s Burgundy Skirt, & Recoleta Cardigan - I still love this top even if it's a bit loose, and my Recoleta sweater fits SOOooo much better now - it was always a bit snug in the arms before.
29. Take A Seat Dress - Even though I had nowhere to wear this, I had to celebrate it fitting better by wearing it at least once in May. I love this dress.
30. Floral Plantain Tee - an old favorite. It's looking a little worse for wear now, but it's a comfy and cute thing to throw on.
31. Owly Margot PJ Shorts - and another pair of pjs that I will blog about soon.

Interestingly, I know I wore these things as well, generally in a "let me throw something on quickly to run this errand" type way so I didn't end up taking pictures of them:
It has really been interesting to me what patterns have lasted my weight loss and which ones are easily altered down to fit me. I have a huge stack of me mades that I haven't had the heart to get rid of but I also haven't been in the mood to alter either. So there they sit. Gosh, I can't wait to make new clothes. Soon, hopefully. Anyway, I'm really pleased with my Me Made May participation given the restraints I was working under. The fact is that I really don't need a challenge to make me want to wear my clothes I've made - they are always the things I reach for first! But it was nice to figure out what items still work for my body and pay attention to what I'm gravitating toward now.

How was Me Made May for you? Any interesting outfit combinations? I'd love to hear how others fared given the craziness of May.

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