Tuesday, June 2, 2020

FO: Hostess Apron

I've had a definite theme going on with my makes this past year. While I was in the beginnings of my divorce last summer, I just didn't have the mental space to plan out and start any new projects but I still desperately wanted to make things to occupy my mind. This started me on a rampage with finishing long standing projects like my Dahlia Cardigan, Someone Else's Blanket, Lady Russell Shawl, and Mint Gingham Dress. I've finished a few other projects too that are waiting to be posted. I feel like it's a mental exercise in clearing out the old in my life and not feeling like I have unfinished things hanging over me, so by the time I am ready to sew myself new clothes I won't have any guilty secrets in the background weighing me down. I believe this is officially the oldest project I've finished and I'm thrilled to finally be able to say it's done regardless of its practicality (more on that below). So check out my cute apron!
I started this project when I first wanted to try "real" sewing (meaning more than just slap dash Halloween costumes) back in 2010 or 2011. My mom and I went to The Sewing Studio and decided we wanted to make aprons from this cool *new* vintage pattern (it was brand new at the time). We both picked which view we wanted and bought all the supplies for our chosen view. I started making mine - meaning I cut out the pieces and started trying to understand the instructions only to fail miserably with attaching the rick rack, which is one of the first steps. So I set this aside in hopes that one day I would be better at sewing and able to make it work. I made my mom's apron from this same pattern for Mothers Day back in 2012, then left all my pieces together in a bag in an obscure location for years. This bag was in the same box as my recently finished Mint Gingham Dress, and thankfully I had all the components I would need to finish the project in there. So after sewing the mint dress, I decided to sew this one up :)  
This is Simplicity 4282, a vintage reproduction pattern that kind of started the vintage reissue trend. I remember I was so excited to see this 50s style in the catalog at the time. This was also the time when I was super into film photography and wore a half apron on the regular in the dark room to carry my can opener and whatnot, so I chose view B. I have no idea who designed this adorable quilting cotton, but as soon as I finished this apron I wished it was an actual skirt I could wear. The color combo turned out just as great as I originally hoped it would. 
A big draw for this pattern with me was all the rick rack and binding. Incidentally the rick rack and binding is also what kept this unfinished in a bag for more than 8 years. When I pulled everything back out a few weeks ago and read the instructions, I still had to scratch my head and think it over a few times before understanding what they meant. Things have to be done in a certain order to get the neat finish this has, and thankfully it all worked out fine. I'm very glad I decided to just buck up and change out my thread constantly for the top stitching because it means you can't see that my stitching isn't perfect on the brown binding, lol.
The pockets were another big draw for me with this pattern. Just look at those big shaped pockets! Adorable! I love that everything on this is edged in rick rack and binding, even if it was a pain in the butt to sew. I'm not a huge fan of bindings as it is - who is, though? They are awfully fiddly in general. But this was a particular pain given that it calls for 1/4" wide bias tape. You're taking 1/4" wide binding and wrapping it over the bulk of the jumbo rick rack. Fiddly, friends. Not super fun. But once I made myself slow down it all worked out just fine.
I love that the apron almost closes in the back. I made the size Large because that's what I was at the time by the pattern envelope suggestion. If I hadn't already cut this out, I think I would've done a Medium now off the finished measurements, but I'm honestly glad I did the bigger size mostly because it covers so much on the back. And just look at that binding! So pretty! Even if I will always think how annoying it was to sew, lol.
Here's a closer view of the pocket loveliness :)
And in spite of not loving how I had to apply some of the binding, I can't help but love that beautifully enclosed finish on the back. Man, it's so good. The side seams are serged, but the front seams are encased in the binding and I just love it.
So that's the finished apron! I really love this so much and it makes me sad that it is completely impractical for my life right now. The fact is that I am WAY too messy for just a half apron. If I need an apron, I need my top half covered as well, lol. So this has sat in my linen closet ever since I finished, but maybe one day I'll have a party or something and need to play hostess and pull out this adorable apron. One day...

Fabric: 1.5 yards adorable quilting cotton (going by yardage on envelope) - $11.00
Pattern: Simplicity 4282 (out of print now) -$1.00
Notions: 2.25 packs yellow jumbo rick rack - $3.40, 2 packs brown 1/4" wide double fold bias tape - $2.12, white thread - $0.50, brown thread - $0.50
Time: 8 years?
Total Cost: $18.61

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