Monday, December 30, 2019

A Year of Making - 2019

Hi, friends! It's been a while ... again ... but I am still here and still wanted to do my yearly round up of makes. I knew this year was slim as far as how many pieces I churned out, but ho man I can't believe how few it actually turned out to be. My life has been in full transition for basically the whole year, so I try to cut myself a break. It's just so hard to look at this list compared to previous years. Ah, well. Hopefully next year brings more time for making this like I love to do. So I combined my Year in Yarn and Year in Thread posts I usually do into one, and here is what I made this year:
1. Teddy's Teddy - Made for my nephew born in April
2. Fairy Tale Sailor Top - I wore this quite a lot ... while it fit me.
3. Gray? Green? Skirt - Another I wore a lot while it fit, so for a couple of months.
4. Dahlia Cardigan - Over a year in the making, but it finally got finished and is wearable :)
5. Lady Russell Shawl - 3 years and 2 months in the making, but I love this piece. It's so cozy and soft.
6. Tiny Superman - Made for a friend :)
7. Old Navy Top Refashion - Love this casual top
8. Disney Princess Sorrel Top - Worn 3 times to 3 parks this year and it was so cute and comfy.
9. Vivacious Vianne - The color of this is the best part. It's a bit big now, but I will still wear it.
10 - 13: Christmas Attire (coming soon) - These were all big hits. I made myself a dress I've wanted to make for about 8 years along with a matching tie and 2 toddler dresses. I promise to blog about them soon, I just haven't managed to get pictures taken yet.

And that's it! I feel like I need a sad trombone womp womp right there, but overall I'm still proud of the pieces I made. I also altered my Burgundy Melissa Skirt and removed 4 inches from the waist so I can wear it again. This year has brought major life changes, including a large weight loss which means inches lost which means my beloved clothing items no longer fit. I do have a stack of pieces I intend to alter, but with the holidays and divorce going on I just haven't got around to them yet. Hopefully soon. This is another big reason I really didn't sew much. Since I started losing weight in July, I didn't really want to sew any clothes to fit my current size since I am still in the process and plan to lose more, so it feels like all the time and effort and fabric would be in vain too soon to really enjoy anything I make. So one day I will get to sew clothing again (and boy, I have been itching to make myself something new!) but until then, I will just be proud of the things I made this past year considering the amazing opposition.

How was your year of making? Were you more productive than me? Let me know!

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