Tuesday, October 29, 2019

FO: Disney's Best Princesses Top

It's that time of year again - where I feel compelled to sew a new shirt for my Disney going adventures :) I never really intended this to be a tradition of mine, but each year I go to The Sewing Studio sale and they have a new, cute Disney jersey fabric that just screams to be made into my favorite pattern - the Sorrel Top by Seamster Patterns. This year's knit was perfect for me because it only has my favorite princesses on it (none of this Frozen-on-everything stuff for me). Sleeping Beauty was my favorite classic Disney princess, and of course as a kid I loved Belle on principle of being about 6 when that movie came out, and Tangled has quickly become one of my favorites to watch as an adult (as evidenced by my Halloween costume 2 years ago). What could be more perfect then to combine just these three on a great quality jersey fabric? So I bought a chunk in July with the intention of making this exact top, and once the sweltering heat of summer had a prayer of dying back a bit along with the horrific crowds of vacationers at the parks in June and July, I made plans to go to Epcot for the Food and Wind Festival with a friend at the end of September - which meant a deadline to get this made - so I cut out the fabric just after Hurricane Dorian passed us by.
I've made this pattern 6 times now, 5 of which are Novelty prints, 3 of which are Disney prints. What can I say? I freaking love this pattern. Before anyone asks - sadly this pattern is still not available to buy. It's so sad! And I'm so extremely glad I bought the pattern bundle that included it back in 2014. I'm not sure what ever happened to Seamster Patterns, but she dropped off the internet just after this pattern bundle came out and she never released this on its own. Ugh, so sad. But the design will definitely live on with me for years to come. Every time I wear one of these tops, I get compliments on it. It's just such a cute and different design, and when you add a fun fabric it really demands attention. Even my first version, which is made in a solid fabric with a printed collar, gets compliments. One of these days I should try it out in all solid fabrics. Ooh... this needs to happen. Anyway, I adore the pattern and always will.
The fabric is the same brand of jersey I've used for my other 2 Disney tops, and it's a lovely quality. The fabric is thick enough to smooth over lumps and bumps but thin enough to not make you want to die in the Florida heat and humidity. It seems Springs Creative has the licensing on Disney prints, which I'm not complaining about since I like the quality of their base fabric. It's soft but not overly pilling, unlike some other big brands I've worked with (Art Gallery, I'm looking at you), so it holds up to a lot of wear and still looks nice. If you have the chance to buy some of their knit fabric, I definitely can recommend it. My other 2 tops have been on many sweaty, long day Disney trips and they still look nice years later. Can't argue with that.
I did try to take care to avoid any boob medallions when cutting out this fabric, and I'm happy to say I succeeded. I also cut out identical sleeves that have one of the medallions in mid-bicep just because I actually bought enough fabric so I could afford to do some fussy cutting instead of my usual squeeze-those-pieces-in-there approach. It definitely adds to the quality feel of the garment. The white fabric was a piece I bought in a Joann's remnant sale YEARS ago. It was only a 1/3 yard cut of white cotton/spandex, but I knew it could come in handy for trims and whatnot eventually, plus I probably paid less that $1 for the piece. So I'm glad I had it on hand for this project.
At least all my iterations of this pattern mean I've had a lot of practice at getting that point between the collar pieces really nice :) I adore this collar, folks. 
So that's my Disney shirt for 2019 :) I've already worn this to Epcot last month and then to Animal Kingdom just last Friday, and I can attest that this is another comfy winner of a shirt that gets lots of compliments around the park (particularly by the employees, who always say they've never seen this shirt before, which is cool). I'll be going once more this year and wearing this shirt yet again - maybe I'll actually get a photo in the park with the shirt, lol. The other times I've been too busy having fun. Yay for fun and comfy clothes!

Fabric: 1.25 yards Disney Princess Friends cotton jersey - $10.35, 1/4 yard white cotton jersey remnant - $1.00
Pattern: Sorrel Top by Seamster Patterns
Notions: fusible knit interfacing - 0.50, thread - $1.00
Time: 5 hours
Total Cost: $ 12.85

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