Monday, September 23, 2019

FO: Tiny Superman

Sometimes an idea for the perfect project just pops into my head. Anyone else have those moments? Like there was no planning or anticipation involved, it just was suddenly in my head and had to be made. That is how this guy came about. It's Superman! But much tinier. I made this as a fun gift for a friend who I thought would appreciate it. Who wouldn't like to receive a tiny Superman in the mail?
I used the Knit Kid and Purl Girl pattern, which is free from Anna Hrachovec. I've used this pattern a number of times before and it always is so handy for making people, super or not. You can just change out the colors for the legs and body depending on what you want the person to wear.
This is my first time making the cape pieces from the pattern. I probably should've just attached it at the bind off, but I did an invisible seam and it caused the cape to stick out really far.
To help combat this, I tacked the cape down to the body. You can just barely see the stitch in the above photo. If this was a toy a little kid would be playing with, I would've done something stronger, but this is really just to look cool for a friend so I knew it would be fine like this.
The Superman emblem was the most complicated part to get looking right. I first embroidered the yellow yarn as a base for the shield, then I outlined it with red, then I had to sort of mentally envision an S and only stitch every other line before going back the other direction to fill in the spaces. I'm really pleased with how it came out in the end, but it took several tries and pulling it out to redo.
So on my way to the post office with this guy, I hooked him to my sun visor and took a few photos, lol. Here is Superman flying in to save the day!
And there he goes again! I attached a removable mini lanyard to his back so he can be hung from things, but it is removable so the new owner can decide how he will hang around. I had fun taking pictures of him for the short time he was in my possession though.

Any other Superman fans out there? This was a quick and fun gift to make and I had a lot of fun taking pictures, lol.

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