Monday, August 5, 2019

FO: Fairy Tale Sailor Top

Guys, life is a crazy business. You can be going along thinking one things and then BOOM something else turns out to be your reality and you have to adjust accordingly. It's happened to me a few times before, but I guess I got a little comfortable this time because it's kept me reeling for months now. I've had the pictures done for this post for over a month, but I just could never bring myself to focus on it enough to write anything to go with it. Today I decided to write this post more as a personal will power exercise. SO while this technically isn't anything you haven't seen before, I've gotta start back somewhere, right? Here we go.
This is yet another Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts courtesy of my Creativebug subscription. I've been planning on making this pattern with this fabric for probably over a year now and I decided it would be a good first project in my new sewing room in my new house. The fabric is an Amy Butler cotton voile called Fairy Tale in the Pistachio colorway from the Alchemy line. I picked this up as a 1.60 yard remnant at The Sewing Studio so many years ago that I don't know when. Maybe 2012 or so? I didn't think about this fabric for this project until I made my other cotton voile version. That shirt is so breezy and comfortable and I knew I had to make more.
With all my other versions of this pattern, I've got making it down to a science, and this includes gathering at the neckline.  This shirt has my same forward shoulder adjustment and hollow chest adjustment I did on the Botany voile top so it lays wonderfully on my shoulders.
The one change I made was to curve out the bottom front hem - my previous versions tend to ride up there and it was suggested to me by another sewist that it could be because I need a full bust adjustment and that I could compensate by just adding a little length. It's not totally perfect, but it's much better than my other versions.
And the back view - it's not actually this wrinkly just standing, but I took these pictures after wearing this top out for the first time (scandalous! I never do that) so these wrinkles are courtesy of my several hours of riding in the car that day. 
Another simple but thrilling change I made to this version - I finally remembered to add a ribbon tag to mark the back of the top! It's a little annoying on my other versions to line up the shoulder seams to see which side dips lower to know if I'm looking at the front or the back. Now I can tell at a glance :)
And this was a lovely shirt to wear on my annual Sewing Studio pilgrimage. for their 4th of July fabric sale. I took the fabric back to the source, as it were.
My lovely mom came with me this time and we had a very nice day together buying fabric :) I'm really glad I finally made up this top and that this fabric is no longer languishing in a tub in my closet. And while life is nothing like a fairy tale right now, this fabric definitely lives up to its name. It's such a buttery soft and breezy thing to wear in the horrific heat of Florida summers. Yay for some new clothes at long last!

Fabric: 1.67 yards Fairy Tale Cotton Voile for Alchemy by Amy Butler in Pistachio - $5.50
Pattern: Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts via Creativebug
Notions: Thread - $0.50
Time: 3 hours
Total Cost: $ 6.00


  1. Glad to see you back! Your shirt looks so very comfortable.

  2. Good to see you blogging again. I hope everything is ok. Your shirt is very pretty.


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