Tuesday, July 2, 2019

World Watercolor Month (Check These Giveaways!)

Since I've been so into watercolor lately, I started checking in on Doodlewash again. I found this website back a few years ago when I first started dabbling in painting and they are a fun resource to get great inspiration and prompts if you're stuck on what to paint. Lo and behold, it's actually World Watercolor Month! They really amp things up during July, so it's only fitting that I decide to pick up the medium again now, it seems.

In honor of World Watercolor Month, Doodlewash is hosting some really wonderful giveaways! I just wanted to give you guys the head's up in case you'd like to start playing with watercolors yourself :) These giveaways expire this week, so click the links to enter while you still can - these are lovely prizes!

Enter Here to win this American Journey watercolor set courtesy of Cheap Joe's Art Stuff.

Enter Here to win this Van Gogh 12 pan watercolor set plus 72 color dot card from Royal Talens.

Let me know if you win anything so I can be super jealous! I'll post the new giveaways next week too, so hopefully we can all win some sweet swag!

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