Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Year in Yarn: 2018

1. Little Giraffe - The very first thing I made of the year - started on December 31st even :)  I just love this little pattern - it's such a cute giraffe, and I enjoyed getting to practice my colorwork. This will be a fun heirloom toy.
2. Accidental Baby Beanie - This is what happens when a baby is teeny tiny and you use a "newborn" size pattern. It turned out quite large. Also this was "accidental" because I meant to make a bonnet, not a beanie. Whoops.
3. Recoleta - My only finished sweater of the year! So weird! I really like this now that it's cool enough to wear it. The yarn is super soft and warm and the pattern is very pretty. This was an enjoyable challenge to knit at the time.

4. Bonnet 1 - I made an actual bonnet this time, but it would up huge again. Ah well, it still looked cute in the pictures, right? (It's the darker purple one).
5. Cat Butt Coaster - This was a last minute gift for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day. It went over well, lol.

6. Bonnet 2 - This was an actual newborn sized bonnet made as a photo prop for a friend, but I'm a bad friend and have yet to give it to her. Ugh. I should really do that.
7. Turkey Butt Hatt - This will have a whole post very soon. I had to make another turkey butt baby hat this year and it turned out great - just like the first one :)

Sadly I did not have much knitting time this year, so I have several items that are still WIPs:
Lady Russell Shawl - this is becoming my constant project. It seems that once a year I will pick it up for a while and then set it aside for something more exciting. I guess I'm really just know a shawl knitter. So maybe one day I will finish this...
Ducks in a Row - this is the sadest wip, lol. I started this last January! Shameful! I really buckled down and had plans to finish it for Christmas, which I would've done had it not been for the wood pieces I need cut. I'm still waiting for my brother to cut my dowel pieces so I can finish the assembly. Hopefully this happens soon.
Copycat Jaywalker Socks - So sad with these - I had most of one sock done when I discovered that I accidentally continued the stitch pattern all the way around the sock, meaning there was a bumpy ridges just under the center of the ball of my foot. Not good. So just last month I decided to yank it out to the heel. So these are even less done now than they were in this photo, lol.
Dahlia Cardigan - Man, I want to get this finished. I'm really so close - I'm mostly finished with the body and then I just have the sleeves and finishing. I'd really just like to be able to move on from this, lol. Hopefully soon.

And that's it! Isn't that crazy? I really do miss knitting, but it just isn't going to get to happen for a while. Ah well. Someday I will get to knit again.

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