Friday, October 5, 2018

FO: Sparkle Peony Agnes Top

Sometimes in any hobby, you just need a simple palette cleanser. It's not that I've been working on anything super hard lately - it's just that I haven't been able to work on much of anything at all. So when I finally had a few evenings in a row to sew, I decided to go for a sure fire win :)
This started with me wanting to use this fabric. This is a lovely Art Gallery jersey called Sprinkled Peonies Sparkle that I picked up at The Sewing Studio this past July. This fabric is so soft and I just love the color palette, plus the stamens are actually a metallic rose gold - very cool. I knew I wanted to use this fabric, but I didn't know which top to make. I bought what was left on the bolt, so I only had 1.25 yards to work with. In the end I decided to go with my current puffed sleeve obsession.
Yes, this is another Agnes Top because I just love those puffed sleeves. Technically this pattern takes more fabric in my size, but with some careful pattern Tetris I squeezed all the pieces in and the only change is that the sleeves were made about 1/2" shorter (but really, who is going to notice that?). So now all I have are odd shaped scraps that are too small for any adult anything. That's pretty good in my book :) Since I only had a small cut, I didn't have much choice with pattern placement, but happily this fabric didn't give me any awkward flower boobs.
This fabric performed beautifully in the sleeves of this pattern, which is something I notice and appreciate after my initial let down when using a cheapy rayon jersey.
And I did my usual forward shoulder adjustment on this version, which got everything sitting where it should be. Looks good from the back too.
My only niggle with this version is something I should've known better. I cut the neckband the length that the pattern calls for, which would normally be fine When I was pinning it into the neckline, I remember thinking, "wow, I'm not having to stretch this neckband much at all," but it was more of a passing thought and I just kept going. I know better! I should have stopped right there and shortened that band before I sewed it on. Sadly, I did not do this. I was so focused on getting a finished item in the little time I had available that I motored through. Now I have a tragically loose neckband. This is actually the only neckband I've ever had do this - it actually tips forward away from my body when it's worn. Ugh. You can't see it much in these photos because the shirt hadn't been worn yet, so the fabric was nice and taught still, but believe me it's a problem. I thought I would just leave it, but after wearing this a few times I find it is actually embarrassing that it pulls away. I ran out of my light pink thread I used for top stitching, but I have now purchased more and I will be undoing the entire band and making it shorter. Learn, Megan, learn! Ugh.
So once I fix my neckband, I will be totally happy with this little number :) In spite of the issue, I have already worn this about once a week, so I know it will be a fun item this fall. Yay for easy wins!

Fabric: 1.25 yards Sprinkled Peonies Sparkle Knit cotton jersey by Art Gallery Fabrics - $15.99
Pattern: Agnes Top by Tilly and the Buttons
Notions: knit stay tape - $0.25, thread - $1.00, elastic - free
Time: 3 hours
Total Cost: $ 17.24

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