Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Sewing Studio Trip July 4th, 2018

So as with every year for my birthday, I went to the amazing sale at The Sewing Studio yesterday. This year it was just me and my mom and we spent hours spending a nice chunk of money on fabric. This store just has everything you could want and you can wander aimlessly touching all the lovely fabrics.
This trip was so important that I even took a break from moving to go, lol. We had a great day, and as always I wanted to show the spoils.
This is everything I bought this year. The pile doesn't look as huge as other times, but it's because the fabrics I bought are thinner - certainly not less in quantity.
Let's start off with the cottons. They had several Birch Organics Sea Life cottons in their clearance section, so I grabbed a few for 70% off (I know!). I got 2.25 yards of Sea Snails, 2.5 yards of Eight Legs, and 7/8 yard of Here Be Monsters. The two larger cuts will be shirts and the other was just irresistible so I had to grab it :) The pink with the trees is a lovely Art Gallery poplin called Nightfall Mystical Woods Solar and it's a lovely light weight - this will be a shirt. Bottom left is 2.12 yards of Rifle Paper Co Sun Girls in Sky for an apron for my sister. Bottom right is 1.38 yards of Kujira + Star Sightseeing Sand Dollar by Cotton + Steel - no idea what this will be, but it's super cute.
Next up - deliciously drapey stuff. I got 2 yards of Telio Dali rayon poplin in the Birds on a Wire print. This will be a top. The bottom right us a designer remnant poly chiffon that is a navy background with coral flower clusters. This will be a skirt. And the pièce de résistance - I grabbed 3 yards of this beautiful Art Gallery rayon challis called Flowery Chant Subtle. It's just heavenly feeling. This was my big splurge of the trip and it will be a dress.
I only bought 2 knits this trip - crazy, right? The white is an eyelet knit - so cool! It's polyester, but II loved it too much to care. I grabbed 2.38 yards and it will be a top for my and one for my mom. The lovely floral is another splurge - I got the last 1.25 yards of this Art Gallery jersey called Sprinkle Peonies and it has gold metallic on it :) This will be a lovely shirt.
And some specialty cottons :) The top left is Telio Playtime cotton poplin in navy blue with amazingly bright oranges all over. I grabbed 4 yards and this will be a shirt dress. I can't wait :) Top right is Cote D'Zur cotton seersucker by Robert Kaufman. I grabbed 2 yards to make a shirt. Bottom left is lovely cotton voile called Botany Full Bloom by Windham fabrics. Isn't it awesome? This will be a top and I have some skirt fabric I think will match it wonderfully. The blue and yellow and 2 yards each and they are cotton voile for tops.
I went a little crazy with the fat quarters, but at least this time I didn't just grab willy nilly. I grabbed 6 fat quarters of Cotton + Steel Rotary Club telephone dials print, 6 of Cotton + Steel Trinket Whistles, and 4 of Cotton + Steel Fruit Dots Gum. I figured with that many I could make a really cute bag with each. I grabbed 3 other single fat quarters, 1/3 yard of a floral, and a 1 yard cut of gray with pianos.
And the notions. This time I specifically needed serger supplies (which I will talk more about soon). I grabbed 4 white cones of Maxi Lock thread and 4 gray cones as well as 2 packs of serger needles. Speaking of needles, I really stocked up. I've run out of my go-to size (universal 70/10) and last time someone else took them all, so I grabbed 3 packs as well as a pack of 65/9s. I grabbed a multi size pack of jersery needles and 2 different sizes of microtex needles as well. I got a refill pack of blue chalk powder for the Chalkoner pen since they didn't have an actual blue pen. I also restocked on frixion pens! They may a felt tip variety now and I grabbed one of each color available. I also got some awesome twill tapes. The larger one has acurate inch increments and I grabbed 10 yards there for waistbands and other places that need stabilizing. The thinner white and gold tapes are centimeters and I grabbed 6 yards each of these.
Check out that line - and this was halfway through the day when the line was much shorter. The cash register is up by the front door, lol.
And I took a picture of my favorite section - I spent a lot of time fondling these rayons, voiles, and linens. I was seriously tempted by some $30 per yard watercolor rose printed linen. Gosh that stuff was dreamy...

So that's my trip this time :) Like I said, the stack may not look as large, but it certainly is about my usual quantity of yardage. Also I had a fun day with my mom, which is always great. I'm so excited because now that my house is on the verge of selling (we are counting the days now!) I will have all my time back without any guilt of needing to fix things around my house instead of sewing. I anticipate quite a serge of new items being made very soon, and it's so awesome to finally feel that way. So hopefully I will be able to start making nice dents in my stash and at least sew up the equivalent of what I buy on each Sewing Studio pilgrimage :)

Anyone else do any heavy fabric buying this week?

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