Sunday, July 1, 2018

FO: Cat Butt Coaster

Every now and then the internet shows you something you just have to make immediately. My husband's mom loves cats, so I saved the Peeking Cat Butt Coaster pattern (which is free) for when we needed a quick gift. He found a mug he thought she would like for Mother's Day and I knew the time had come. We dug through my cotton stash and pulled out the perfect colors and 1 hour later I had a ridiculous coaster to give her.
And it's just as offensive looking from the back... I used I Love This Cotton in Monkey Brown for the cat and a very old Sugars 'n Cream cotton in Tea Rose for the um... hole. I've now been told by more than a few people that the hole color is unsettling, lol. It's a very striking color.  My husband says it really draws the eye. The eyes were just two buttons from my stash - who knows what from - and I used embroidery floss to make thicker thread for "pupils".
It turned out to be the perfect sized coaster, so maybe it will be a funny conversation piece on her desk, lol. Being only 1 layer of yarn, this is a bit flimsy, so I use spray starch and ironed it flat to hopefully hold its shape better. This seemed to work well.
And just one more close view of that butt hole... This was a quick project and was pretty amusing both to make and give. I definitely recommend making some if you have a need of coasters, lol.

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