Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fabric Destash Sale on Instagram!

You guys - I did it! I actually went through my fabric stash and I managed to pull out 3 large boxes full of fabric that I am ready to let go of :) I figured that before I send it to the thrift store, I should offer it up to other sewists who would truly appreciate it. Some of this is really neat stuff - I just have no idea what to do with it or it is not my style.
This pile of boxes is 4 feet high and they are full of fabric. Some of this is vintage, some is new and not my style anymore, and some have been inherited so I don't know where they originally came from. There will be everything from apparel fabrics to knits to home decor to quilting cotton, so really something for everyone. Cool as it all is, I cannot take it with me when I move in a few weeks.

So if you are interested in buying some of my stash (at good prices), follow @showandtellmegdestash on Instagram to see things as they are posted. I will start posting on June 7th, and they will be first come, first serve. Just comment Me! on the post if you are interested. All prices will be plus shipping, so be sure to include your paypal email address and your zip code so I can send an invoice and get a shipping price for you. Hopefully some things will go to someone who will love and appreciate it and not have it sit in their stash for years like me. Also don't worry - I still have an entire double closet full of fabric, so I won't be lacking on things to make any time soon.

So head over to @showandtellmegdestash and get ready to claim what your favs!

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