Monday, April 30, 2018

Me Made May 18: My Pledge

It's that time of year: Me Made May. I have such a love/hate relationship with this challenge, lol. Well not hate perse, I just wind up very ready to wear clothing that I did not make by the end of the month. Is that a bad sign? lol I'm in a strange place with my me made wardrobe - I no longer find it any challenge whatsoever to wear what I've made. In fact most days you will find me in at least one me made item because I've become more used to grabbing them first. My want for rtw clothing is more about not feeling restricted by what I will allow myself to wear each day, you know? Don't tie me down, yo! My wardrobe is almost entirely me made or thrifted, so technically speaking I don't need to do Me Made May. But I just can't resist joining in on the challenge with everyone else! I love chatting with the sewing community, so in spite of my inevitable annoyance with the daily pictures and only me mades, I love the final result of seeing what I really wear often and maybe figuring out things I need to make or change. Anyway, here is my pledge:

"I, Megan of 'Show and Tell Meg' blog and @showandtellmeg on Instagram, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavor to wear at least one Me-Made item each day throughout the month and photograph each day. I also want to finish 2 new clothing items during the month (hopefully more, but we'll see)."

So are you participating? If you'd like to see my challenge in real time check out my Instagram @showandtellmeg - I will also do the usual round up on the blog at the end of the month to share what I've learned and how I fared. Let's go forth in self-made clothing!

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