Tuesday, March 20, 2018

FO: This Year's Disney-Going Sorrel Top

It seems that I have started a bit of a tradition for myself. For the past few years, I have earned Disney tickets by singing at the hotels each Christmas, and while I would not be one to wear Disney items outside of the parks, I certainly would when I visit them. I found two cute jersey prints at The Sewing Studio and bought them on a whim. Back in 2016 I used one cut for my Seven Dwarfs Sorrel Top (which I wore each time I visited Disney in 2017), so it only follows that the other cut would be used for this year's edition of my Disney-Going-Shirt, right? I toyed around with what pattern to use - I contemplated switching it up,  but nothing ever felt right - but if there is ever a place that an adorable collar looks great with a novelty print, it's at Disney. Why re-invent the wheel? So I pulled out my pattern and made my 6th Sorrel Top, lol.
The collar is always my favorite feature of this pattern. The Sorrel Top is from Seamster Patterns, but it was only available in a pattern bundle a few years ago and has yet to be released - it's such a shame too because I adore this pattern. The asymmetrical collar is my favorite, though I have made the symmetrical option as well. I love the chance to use coordinating fabrics and that the collar is color blocked into the shirt, so you don't have to futz with it throughout the day. I've had enough practice now that I can get the point just the right size, which is nice. 
My second favorite feature of the pattern is the curved sleeve cuff. It's hard to tell here, but it curves up along the bicep to echo the collar. So cute! My cuffs and collar fabric is actually a ponte di roma that I got as a remnant piece at The Sewing Studio this year for just this project - it was surprisingly difficult to find the right shade of blue to go with this print. I would've preferred a cotton as I thought the ponte might be too thick, but color won out plus this was nice and inexpensive being a remnant :) It was the best option I could find so I went with it, and having worn it all day I can vouch that it was just as comfy as the cotton. The Disney fabric is by Spring Creations and it is a cotton spandex jersey. I actually really love the fabric base they use - it's so soft and comfy and has great recovery. I'm not sure of the fabric name or if The Sewing Studio has any more, but you could probably find it online. The print has Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy all over it. 
And the back view - you can see the cuffs curve up here, and I was very appreciative of the non directional print, lol. I cut this out of a 30" long piece of this fabric. Yeah. It was a challenge, but I'm glad I squeezed it in.
So that's my top :) There's really not much more I can say about this pattern at this point, having made and blogged 6 of them, lol. I blog this more for my own documentation at this point. Plus how else would I be able to share my Disney photos?! ha ha ha gotta love a captive audience.
We went to the Magic Kingdom last week and much fun was had. I wore my new shirt with my black McCalls 7475 skirt and was nice and comfy. It was actually quite cold that day, so I had to bring a jacket (so weird).
I worked out our fast passes pretty well, I must say. Insider top: get your first 3 Fast Passes on the app before you go and make them all for earlier in the day. Once you use the first 3, you can get 1 more at a time as the day goes on, so we pretty much hopped from pass to pass and avoided the sizable lines. Anyway, one of our earlier rides was Buzz Lightyear, and I only show these pics for documentation purposes because this is essentially a moving video game and I actually beat my husband, lol. This has never happened before and probably never will again, so I needed photo proof. Look at my fave in that middle shot - that is the face of intent, lol.
We also had to make sure Justin got to do one of his favorite classic games and we both had fun in the old fashioned shooting gallery.
I also grew up in a house where you always took pictures on the carousel horses, so we gave that a shot.
We got one decent picture and the rest were us being ridiculous.
I had to investigate the new(ish) Rapunzel area - which turned out to be a fancy bathroom and resting spot. This mural is inside the ladies bathroom :)
And they were taking really cute pictures of guests holding a lantern with the lanterns in the background. I had to give it a try. Pardon the Disney watermark as I still haven't decided if I'm buying the photo yet, lol (for real though it's $16.95 to download 1 photo and I don't know if I can stomach it).
And of course we hit the Haunted Mansion (our combined favorite) and Dumbo. And we had to get a pic with the castle at night. Another tip: get in the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train line about 30 minutes before the fireworks start. You may miss the fireworks, but they line went from being 175 minutes most of the day (absolute insanity to wait that long, folks) to us only being in line for 35 minutes - I kid you not - and we wound up being on the ride while the fireworks were going off, which was pretty amazing. We probably couldn't swing that again if we tried, but it made for a really neat experience. 

All in all we had great weather, and while it was crowded we were still able to ride everything we wanted thanks to Fast Passes and luck. I felt comfy and cute in my shirt all day and got a fair few compliments too. I'm not exactly a huge theme park person, but we had a lot of fun. Yay for new shirts and yay for Disney trips!

Fabric: 1 yard Disney printed cotton jersey - $7.75, 1/4 yard blue ponte di roma - $0.50
Pattern: Sorrel Top by Seamster Patterns
Notions: blue thread - $1.00, woolly nylon thread - $0.25
Time: 4 hours
Total Cost: $ 9.50

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