Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Christmas FO: Gray Slouchy Beanie

We have officially reached my final Christmas make! Let the trumpets sound! lol So if you're tired of seeing things that still say "Christmas", then fear not!

Earlier this year, my husband mentioned how he wanted a hat just like the one I made Marisa in January. He wanted a slouchy beanie and in charcoal gray. No problem :)
Knowing he wanted this hat, I grabbed a skein of Cloudborn Wool Worsted Twist in the Slate Heather over the summer when Craftsy had their crazy sale. So this yarn cost $3.00 and I still have some left, lol. This is the Slouch Moss Beanie pattern by Phanessa Fong, which is a free pattern online. Having made it twice now, I can vouch it's a good one :) Pretty simple.
Justin wanted it nice and slouchy, so I just kept knitting until he liked the length. This hat was one of my first Christmas project I started back on November 26th - it was even the project I worked on while I waited in the Avatar ride line at Animal Kingdom, lol - but it was my very last project to be finished since I would just work on it here and there when I was out since it was a very portable project. I thought I had it to a good length, then I tried it on him Christmas Eve and discovered he wanted another inch. SO I kept knitting. We watched It's A Wonderful Life and I knitted, but I managed to finish it before midnight that night.
He seems to really like this hat :) He wore it all day on Christmas even though it wasn't cold at all, but now that it is cold it's the hat he wears anytime he goes out. I take that as a good sign! Other than the moss stitch being tedious to knit English style, this couldn't have been an easier project.
So that was Justin's Christmas hat this year :) I love the texture, he loves the color and slouch - definitely a good one all round.

Thank you so much for enduring my Christmas makes. I like to document them all here just so I have a record of what I made more for myself than anything else. But now we will return to the regularly scheduled blogging of things for myself, lol.

Yarn: 0.66 skeins Cloudborn Wool Worsted Twist in Slate Heather
Pattern: Slouchy Moss Beanie by Phanessa Fong
Time: A few hours collectively, but over a month

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