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My Sewing Studio Haul, Jan 1, 2018

They say that how you celebrate the new year will be a reflection on what your year will be like. No better way to start a new year than by buying fabric, amiright?
Guys - I made my biannual pilgrimage. Yesterday I went to my beloved Sewing Studio in Maitland, Florida for the awesome mega 40% off everything sale. This 40% off is on top of any discounts that were already on the pieces, so I managed to snag quite a few pieces that were actually 70% off. When I left the store, one of the owners said, 'Good job!" when she read that I saved $375 off their original prices, lol. It was magical. I got a ton of stuff. So why not show off what I snagged, eh?
(Please ignore the mess in the background, haha). The whole loot in all its glory. It's ridiculous, isn't it? lol I tried to focus on less novelty prints and more solids and everyday patterns. I achieved this to an extent, but I still could not completely resist the quilting cottons. Ah well, here is what I bought:
These are some of my most precious finds. The magenta is a dreamy wool lycra blend - it's super drapey and just feels amazing. Normally this fabric was $19.49 per yard, but it wound up at $5.85 per yard so I grabbed 3 yards of this to make maybe a dress. The beige is a wool/poly blend that has a very nice drape as well - I grabbed 2 yards to make a Hollyburn skirt. The bottom two are both Geometric Nordic Double Gauze - I've washed these both and they are already getting nice and fluffy. I grabbed 4 yards of the gray and 3 yards of the neutral. The gray will become a dress and the neutral will be maybe a Sailor top and who knows what else. It was just over $3 a yard, so I grabbed a bunch. I've never used double gauze before, but I'm always reading how much people love it so I'm thinking it will be a great summer in Florida fabric.
I grabbed 1 yard of Rifle for Cotton + Steel Royal Peacock Navy cotton/linen canvas from the Menagerie line. I was hoping for the parrot rayon, but they didn't seem to have any left. I love this print, and I grabbed enough to make a knitting bag. The paisley print is a neutral gold color silk jacquard that I plan on using for a nice top for a special occasion piece. The coral is an ombre poly charmeuse that fades from coral to red. I grabbed 2 yards to use as the lining for a guipure lace skirt so I can finally use my Craftsy class. The black is a lovely 100% silk. I'm not sure what you'd call it exactly, but it's semi sheer and drapes like crepe. I just washed and dried it in the machine and it has a nice matte finish. This was so cheap I grabbed the 2.5 yards they had left and I plan to make a flowy top.
My only knits I purchased this time - I just wasn't super inspired by the rest. The floral is a super pretty Art Gallery jersey called Reflections of Love. I grabbed 1.5 yards and hope to make either a 3/4 sleeve Plantain or my 3/4 sleeve Boatneck Renfrew hack. The blue is a Ponte di Roma I think. This was a remnant piece, so I got 1.13 yards for a sweet deal. I'm going to use this as the collar and cuffs for my Disney going shirt this year, plus who knows what else. I find solids like this are handy to have around.
These are my fun quilting cottons - all dress quantities. The navy blue powerlines is called Me + You Grafic - 4 yards of this. Look at the lucky cats! I grabbed 4 yards of this as well. The safety pins is called Mrs. Sew & Sew - I got 3.25 yards because that was all that was left. The pink is called Zephyr from Cotton + Steel - 4 yards here. I've learned that 4 yards is a good go-to amount when you want to make a dress but don't know exactly which pattern, just fyi.
The peach storks is from the From Porto With Love collection by Cotton + Steel. I grabbed 2 yards to make a shirt sleeve button up shirt (hopefully the Sassy Librarian Blouse). The birds on power lines are from the Graphic Me + You line. The green is "sulphur" and I got 2.33 yards for maybe a Sailor top. The gray is 1 yard just because it was cute, lol, maybe I'll stick the two colors together? We shall see. The mustaches is an Alexander Henry print and I grabbed 1 yard. The gray with the squares is an Indah Batik that I grabbed 2 yards of to make a top. I love the crisp weight of this one - it's not as thick as quilting cotton, so I'm hoping it will be easier to wear.
These were all remnants and fat quarters. In the remnants, they range from 1.63 yards to 0.38 yards. I even grabbed a 3/8 yard piece of Garden Party in Crimson from the Wonderland collection by Rifle Paper for Cotton + Steel :) I've always liked this line, so I'll use this piece for a bag or something. There are 10 fat quarters, two of which I found 2 of so I can use them on slightly bigger projects. Two of them are from the An American in Paris line, which is cool. I even snagged a fat quarter piece of Goldfinch, which I've liked for a long time. These are all random and I'm sure they will work for accents, bags, pads, etc. Time will tell.
And finally my utility fabrics and notions. I grabbed 1 yard of Bosal In-R-Form Sew In Stabilizer for my bag making ventures. Last time I got the fusible because I didn't see the sew in, but this time I am happy it's the sew in variety. This goes a surprisingly long way - I managed to make a small cosmetics bag, 2 larger organizer bags, and some pocket pages for one of the organizers out of my previous 1 yard cut and I still have enough left for another cosmetics bag at least. I was to make myself one of the organizer bags, so I knew I needed more. I also grabbed 3 colors of bag mesh simply because they had it and now I can have it on hand. I finally got a Snap Setter tool! I've been trying to get one of these in the sale for a few years, but I've always been too late and they were all gone when I got there. Not this time :) I got 4 handbag zippers that are 43" long (2 mint, 1 lavender, 1 blue) and 1 white separating zipper that is 25" long - these will be great for my organizer bag and whatever else I want to make. I also restocked on my needles I broke over Christmas as well as getting some serger needles to keep with my other goal of the year in getting a serger up and running.  I even got a couple of Sewing Studio stickers! These were free but no less exciting, lol.
So that was my haul this time :) My bag was so big that the ladies at the door were concerned about me carrying it to my car, lol. I managed just fine. Another year, another awesome time shopping in a fabulous store. If you're anywhere in the vicinity of Orlando, I definitely recommend you make the trek over here. They have the 40% off sale again on July 4th, so start planning now :)

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