Friday, January 26, 2018

Christmas FO: The Lego Bag

A few weeks before Christmas, my sister mentioned how my nephew, Luke, had seen a video of one of those Lego bags where you lay them out to play and then cinch them up to put everything away, and that he thought they were really cool and could I make him one? Most definitely! I didn't really know what to make him this year - my little buddy is getting older (he's 5) and he's more and more into electronics and speakers, not really things I can make easily. So I jumped at the chance to make something that he would use and think was cool. So I made this to go along with his Sarah and Duck softies.
I started with a 3/4 yard remnant of gray rip stop nylon fabric. I picked this remnant up in one of their additional 75% off remnants sales, so I don't remember how much it was but I know it was really cheap. Cheap enough for me to buy it with no idea what I would use it for. As soon as my sister asked me about the bag, I knew this would be the perfect fabric to use.
To make the base, I folded the fabric in half, then folded each half in half twice. This gave me a square that I used as my size indicator - I drew a wedge shape on that square of the folded fabric, making sure the wedge was one quarter of a perfect circle (meaning every place on the line was equidistant from the center point) and cut it out. These unfolded to become the base pieces of the bag :) Technically you could use just one circle, but my fabric was more sheer than I like so I wanted to line it. Two circles made this easier as far as enclosing the edges too, so I definitely recommend just cutting two pieces. Next I cut out 2.25" wide bias tape from a lime green broadcloth I had on hand, folded the bias tape in half, and sewed it to the edge of one of the circles. I made sure to fold the edge of the bias tape under at the opening for the cord (so it was finished nicely outside). Then I sandwiched the bias tape between both circles and stitched all the way around, leaving an opening to turn it all right-side out. I pressed it flat once it was turned, then closed up the gap with my machine (my nephew will not care that there is a single line of stitching a few inches long - he probably with never notice it). That was it!
Next I threaded the cording around the entire circumference of the bag, giving it enough cord to lay completely flat plus about 7" on each side to tie off and pull closed with. I threaded both ends through a white cord stop I picked up at Hobby Lobby, then knotted both ends together... And it was done! Quick and simple - gotta love it.
The finished bag ended up being about 2 feet  in diameter when laid out flat - plenty big enough to fit his other gifts inside :) To close the bag, you just slide the bias tape along the cord and slide the cord stop down to secure it. It's so easy even my 5 year old nephew can do it. I embellished the bag with enamel Pikachu and Pokeball pins (which I ordered from China on ebay - so cheap, guys). I just thought he would like them, and they jazz up the bag a bit. Now Luke can play with whatever random toys he wants and just close this bag to make sure he still has all the pieces when he's done.

Fabric: 3/4 yard remnant of gray rip stop nylon, 1/4 yard of lime green cotton broadcloth
Pattern: self drafted circle with bias binding
Notions: 2 yards 1/4" cotton cording, white cord stopper, thread
Time: 1.5 hours

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