Friday, January 5, 2018

A Year in Thread: 2017

Now let's get back to year end round ups :) Since we already looked at my year in yarn, this is everything in thread (all my sewn items).
1. Marianne Top - This shirt was one of my top 5 hits this year. I love the fabrics and the loose fit. This became my shirt to wear to work when I would rather be wearing pjs at home - it's just as comfy but it looks more put together. I still have adjustments I plan to make on future versions, but I definitely will be making more since I love this one so much.
2. Hepburn Henley - This was a disappointment, but I do still wear it when I schlep around. I like the idea of this design, but the pattern just did not work for me and I had more problems then you would think on something that looks so simple.
3. Copycat Wild Flower Top - This shirt has never been worn out of my house. I love the idea of the design, but this fabric combined with the tiny folded hems left me with a neckline so wide it exposes my religious garments. Sad since it looks cute in the photos.
4. Khaki Sally Skirt - My first ever fly front :) This was my muslin of the Sally skirt and in spite of the not great adjustment I made to the center back seam I still wear this every now and then. The fabric should be heavier, but it's still a cute design.
5. Conny Frost Skirt - A simple hem-shortening refashion in a dreamy crepe fabric. I like this one, and it does get a bit of wear. The pockets are still fantastic.
6. Gray Linen Skirt - Another hem-shortening refashion and another fabric that I love. This is a linen/cotton blend. I wear this every so often but I have to have the right shirt with it or else I feel frumpy. I'm not a big fan of the tulip shape on my frame. But it does still work as a nice basic with the right shirt.
7. Medieval Costume - This really turned out so great and I'm super proud of the whole outfit. I wore this to sing at a Madrigal feast, and my mom wore it to our church halloween party. This is very comfy to wear because it fits so well, it's nice and light due to the silk fabric, and it feels really fancy. I still have a bunch of this green silk left so I hope to plan a nice dress I can wear more than occasionally out of it :)
8. Red Boogie Retro Top - I still lament the fabric of this shirt. This was my muslin, technically speaking, but I had very high hopes for it. Sadly it shows my religious garments, so it's not wearable for me. I find myself wishing I could wear it quite a lot, so I hope to find a similar knit fabric to make another that I can actually wear.
9. Crazy Daisy Top - Another test of the Boogie shirt pattern to experiment with the neckline width. This one went a bit too far in, making it look like a plain v neck :/ This is technically wearable, but it feels pretty frumpy so I never do wear it.
10. Red Dot Sailor Top - This was an unexpected hit - I love this shirt and wear it quite a lot! When I made this I just wanted to try out the Sailor pattern, but I love the swiss dot fabric I used and then length. This also spawned my mini capsule wardrobe, which I know contributes to this being worn so often. I can just grab the pieces I know work with it and go :) I have several more of this shirt planned, so hopefully I can make them soon.
11. Black Holyburn Skirt - My biggest hit of the year even if it is a bit boring, lol. I wear this skirt really frequently - I mean it's black, it fits well, it's comfy, and it never needs ironing :) What's not to love?
12. Tigeroga Hollyburn Skirt - I just love this fabric and I am so happy I blatantly copied Katharina of Froebelina's version :) Thanks to my multiple tops I made that coordinate, I wear this a lot more than I though I would.
13. Teal Retro Boogie Shirt - Another big hit of the year :) This pattern took some real dedication and perseverance, but this top is the result so clearly it was worth the work. I wear this with my capsule as well as other bottoms quite a lot. I mean it's a solid color that fits in my wardrobe well but has an interesting detail. These are the types of pieces I reach for again and again.
14. Navy Linen Skirt - This was a refashion that now needs to be refashioned ... again... lol.
15. Blue Pin Dot Lark Tee - This was technically another muslin, but it turned out kind of *meh* wearable. I wore it out the week I made it and it rubbed blue all over my white leather purse :/ I've washed this fabric several times and it still rubbed off. I've been weary of wearing it ever since. I'll have to experiment with ways to wash it and get the excess blue dye out before I will be ok with wearing it again.
16. Gray Melissa Skirt - The skirt that had such potential *sigh*. I still wear this on occasion, but it looks really bagged out and awful after just a few hours. I wish that wasn't the case, but the all cotton fabric is just not great for my life apparently. I'll add this to the list of "things to recreate with better fabric".
17. Black Stripe Renfrew Hack - I really like this shirt, and I wore it quite a bit when I first made it, but the hem started to unravel after a few wears and I have yet to fix that. I've still worn it with the hem like that, but I don't mentally factor it in my wardrobe when I'm getting ready since I know it needs fixing. So I guess I should fix it :)
18. Mint Twig Renfrew - Totally love this shirt! It's comfy and it's cute. My only beef is that the sleeves are slightly shorter than 3/4, but that's a very small issue. I love how the neckline turned out, so I will definitely be making more shirts like this.
19. Boot Bag - I made this for my youngest sister's birthday, and it was well received :) This was my first time making a bag like this (with foam interfacing and whatnot) and it turned out well if a little smaller than I thought it would. I still love that Yee Haw boot though.
20. Black Fly Front Skirt - Another great workhorse in this muslin of a skirt. Again the fabric is a bit too light, but I still wear it. This has a fly front that turned out nicely and I love the patch pockets :) I will certainly make this pattern again in a heavier fabric.
21. A Tangled Halloween - I LOVED this costume. It was a bit of a challenge to figure out all the components, but it turned out great. Everyone knew who I was and it was super comfortable. I had a lot of fun with this project :)
22. The 60s Dress - My first vintage pattern! This was a process to fit and make, but I loved getting to use my vintage supplies to make a vintage dress. This definitely turned me on to using my vintage patterns more.
23. Bert's Bed - It's just so cute! I love this pillow. Bert doesn't really sleep on it, but he plays with it so that counts as a win. Really I just wanted an excuse to make a pillow.
24. Mix Tape Bag - Shannon's (my sister) Christmas gift :) I made this bag to hold her cross stitching schtuff. This was a good size project, and there will be a full blog post coming soon.
25. Stripe Stricken Bag - Marisa's (another sister) Christmas gift. I used the same Craftsy class to make this bag, but it turned out to be much more involved than the first one. This will have a post very soon as well.
26. Lego Bag - My sister mentioned to me how my nephew saw one of those bags that you play legos on and then cinch it all up when you want to put them away and he thought it was awesome. Done and done! I made this version as part of his Christmas gift.
27. The QVC Shirt - Kelly's (another sister) Christmas gift. My mom bought a shirt from QVC that both she and my sister loved. The shirt was quite pricey, so they both asked me to make a pattern from it to recreate as much as they want. This was the "wearable muslin" I made for Kelly for Christmas and she says she loves it. Post to follow soon.
28. Mint Sequin Plantain - My mom loves her Plantain shirt I made her last year, so I decided to make her another. She chose this awesome sequin fabric from my stash and I combined it with a cream interlock and with a few small tweaks from the last time this is pretty close to perfect for her. I'll post about this soon.
29. Mayberry Dress - I was lucky enough to get to review this pattern for Jennifer Lauren Handmade, and I absolutely love the result :) Definitely a fun way to end the year and keep me motivated to make more stuff!
30. Running Arm Band - I actually made this back at the beginning of August, but I never got any pictures of it as it went into immediate use. So this picture kind of looks like nothing, but it holds my phone wonderfully on my arm while I run. I made this using a random remnant piece of supplex from Joann's and a free pattern from Fehr Trade.

I'm ... ok ... with the number of items I sewed this year. I honestly wish I had made the time for more, but I allowed other things to take precedence. I also stopped sewing when I started running on the thought that I would be mad if my measurements changed right after I made something. This was decent logic, but it was pretty depressing! I found myself really wanting to sew something at times, yet reminding myself I couldn't. I kind of replaced sewing with painting at first, but even that dwindled a bit as sewing came back around. I hope to find a better balance with sewing this coming year so I don't have such a long stretch without me being able to practice on of my favorite hobbies for any length of time. So, as ever, I will continue to just sew what I feel like sewing in 2018 :) Here's hoping I can stick with just that, lol.

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