Monday, December 11, 2017

Top 5 of 2017: Hits

I always love participating in the Top 5 of 2017 posts every year. This is hosted by Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow and all participants take a look back on what they made that year and report on their hits, misses, highlights, reflections, and goals. At the moment, I am busy making Christmas gifts, so I can't really show you what I am making yet. What better way to still blog than to show what worked best of the things I made this year? So let's dive in with my top hits!
5. Marianne Top - This was my first make of the year back in January and it has served me very well all year long. Every time I wear this shirt, I get compliments. The fabric is very pretty, and being all rayon jersey it's very soft and comfy. The shape of this is also nice and drapey and loose, so this is my go-to when I don't want anything tight on my tummy (if you know what I mean). I can be comfortable and still look put together with this shirt. I have a few changes I plan to make when I make this again (like raising the yoke line about an inch), but my little issues have not kept me from wearing this. Totally love it :)
4. Kerfuffle Ishnana Cardigan - This was my favorite knit of the year :) I love the color (and the name - kerfuffle) plus the cable patterns on this were just so enjoyable to knit. The pattern kept things interesting the whole time yet not too overwhelming. I love how regal the sables make this look. Definitely a good one.
3. Mint Twig Renfrew - I love everything about this shirt - the fit, the neckline finish, the fabric. I really love the Doodles brand cotton interlock from Joann's, and this is a great print that doesn't look too childish. I have a few fabrics and refashions earmarked to use this hacked neckline Renfrew again. The high neck is just so flattering yet still comfortable.
2. Teal Retro Boogie Shirt - This shirt took real perseverance to make happen. I sewed 2 "muslins" to get the pattern right, and this was the final version. I wear this all the time. It's comfy, it goes with a lot of my skirts, and it still has some interesting details with the ruched front and yoke seam. This is a good example of you altering the pattern to fit your needs since I couldn't wear it as drafted. Now it's one of my top hits :)
1. Black Hollyburn Skirt - How boring is this, right? lol The longer I've been sewing my own clothes, the more I realize it's the kind of boring basic pieces I reach for over and over again. This skirt was in no way thrilling, but I reach for this thing all. the. time. Who doesn't love a well fitting basic black skirt? We all need one, and now I have mine :) The fit is great, the pockets are wonderful, the fabric is satin backed so it never sticks to my legs. All around this is a fantastic make and I will surely wear this until it falls apart.

Honorable Mentions go to my costumes I made this year :) I'm kind of cheating here, but I really did love the costumes I made and I didn't want to not acknowledge them since I couldn't really wear them everyday. But here they are:
3. The 60s Dress - I still feel like I nailed it with this 60s dress. Fabric from 1963, pattern from 1969, zipper from before the mid 70s. This was my first truly vintage pattern I've ever used myself, and it turned out so well that I want to try more :) This is certainly more costumey with the big bow, but I may actually wear this in real life if I'm feeling sassy.
2. Medieval Costume - This was a huge undertaking. I lucked out with my major thrift store score of raw silk for this dress and it was so comfortable to wear. I still feel a bit self conscious about the hat, but in the context of a madrigal feats it looked good. This was just a large project with lots of little details that really brought it together in the end to look fantastic :) My mom even wore this for a Halloween party, but we are planning another feast this year, so it looks like this will be a handy costume to have around. I'm just thrilled that it came together so well with all thrift store materials.
1. Rapunzel Costume - This costume was a puzzle to put together and I'm so pleased it came together well :) I had to do a lot of pattern alteration to make this not only fit me but to look closer to the movie Tangled. This was also made with mostly thrifted materials, which just makes me happy). I rank this at #1 because of the reactions I got from kids. I seriously love dressing up as Disney characters for that reason. So much fun. Also this top is knit so it was so comfortable - a big win :)

So those are my hits this year! I feel like I didn't make a ton (I feel that way every year, lol), but I'm glad I had so many pieces that turned out so well that I love to wear them. My percentage of successes is definitely going up :) Always a good sign.

Check back soon for my top misses of the year next (yikes).


  1. the Bert Surgery campaign should get Honorable Mention on your Top Hits, even if not really sewing related. :D

  2. Most definitely! I have that coming up in my highlights of the year post ... shh! Don't tell! lol It was the biggest hit by a mile, that's for sure.


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