Wednesday, November 15, 2017

FO: Pascal

So every good Disney character needs an animal side kick, amiright? I knew when I decided to dress up as Rapunzel this Halloween that I would need to make a Pascal to complete the look :)
So this is Pascal :) I searched through the chameleon patterns on Ravelry, and I settled on the Karen the Chameleon pattern by Christel Krukkert since it seemed the most adaptable to my needs. I made a few changes to make him more Pascal-like:
  • only did 3 rows of eyelid pattern
  • left off final row of eyeball
  • made legs 9 stitches wide and improvised toes to be wider
  • did not add stripes or sequins to body
  • pulled the tail swirl tighter
  • added 1 row to outer edge of mouth
  • used 15 mm eyes
In the end I kind of wish I had left his mouth open, but I think he turned out cute :)
I love how his tail turned out! Golly was that long and cumbersome to crochet though, lol. You have to stuff the body as you go because the tail gets too narrow to add stuffing further down, so you have a totally stuffed animal you are hanging down and turning round and round as you make it longer. I made the tail in church and it got quite a bit of attention, lol. I really like the tighter spiral though and think it turned out really cute. I also could've done more changes with the legs (made them narrower and the toes bigger) but I couldn't be bothered and was trying to get him finished. Oh well.

Interestingly the mouth is sewn to the head - I tried to get him a bit more smiley by adding to the outer mouth row, but it doesn't seem to have done much. I used I Love This Yarn in Jelly Bean and Antique White for this project. And a lot of polyfil.
My little sidekick was tucked under my arm all night at the Halloween party I went too as well as on Halloween night while I gave out candy. He was a nice extra touch :)
And because I have to add these in again ...
Complete with a smooch!

I'm really happy with how my whole costume turned out, and this guy was a nice little addition :) The little kids loved it, which makes it all worth while.

Now to start planning for next Halloween!

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  1. That is such a cute toy. My daughter watched tangled and fell in love with the chameleon. Guess I'll make this for her since I know it will make her really happy.


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