Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Deals from Craftsy and Creativebug

I can't let a Black Friday weekend pass by without letting you know of the great deals you can score! Two of my favorite websites are having some great deals, so if you are wanting to learn any new skills, now is the time to snag a class and get moving :)

Craftsy has made all of their classes $17.87 or less :) There is even a nice handful of "doorbuster" classes that I can personally vouch for.
  • Jacques Torres' Ultimate Box of Chocolates is $15.00 - I have this class and have really enjoyed watching. I've learned so much about chocolate making! Once I get my hands on some molds, I fully plan to make my own fancy chocolates. This is definitely one worth buying if you're at all interested.
  • Susy Furrer's Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper is $15.00 - All of Suzy's classes are wonderful, and this is a great place to start with patternmaking. Once you follow her class, you can make a custom bodice block to make all the designs you like fit you more easily. She's super informative, and this is a fantastic class to have on hand.
  • Startup Library: Painting with Watercolors is $17.87 - I watched this class on Labor Day (when you could watch all their classes as much as you wanted) and I can definitely vouch for it being very informative and a great place to start learning about watercolor painting. And you really can't beat that price for something that goes as in depth as this class.
The other doorbuster classes sound great too - I'm particularly tempted by the hand embroidery one :) But even the non-doorbuster classes are up for a great deal at $17.87. If you had your eye on any classes, or even if you don't know what they have to offer, I definitely recommend you head over here and see what will tempt you as this price does not come around often (trust me).

Craftsy is also having a great sale on their supplies - I use these sales as a great opportunity to stock up on some sweater quantities of nice yarn. Case and point:
  • Cloudborn Wool Worsted Twist Yarn is $2.99 per skein! I grabbed some of this yarn for a similar price over the summer and just finished knitting my Salal cardigan with it (to be blogged soon). It's springy and woolly and a great yarn for the price. 
  • Cloudborn Wool Fingering Twist Yarn is also $2.99 per skein - and that's for 402 yards of yarn! You could technically make a sweater for less than $10 with this stuff. It's the same lovely wool from as the worsted weight, just thinner. This is a seriously good deal.
  • Cascade Eco + Ecological Yarn is just $11.88 per skein which is just crazy. There are only 2 colors left to choose from, but this is a fantastic price.
  • Cloudborn Merino Alpaca Color Change Lite is a really pretty gradual striping gradient yarn that is marked down to just $8.99 for 274 yards of sport weight. These are just so need to get that gradient or faded look without spending a lot of money.
I've bought so many supplies from Craftsy, I can't even count, lol. They are a great place to get quality supplies when you don't have nicer yarn stores or fabric stores nearby (like me). This sale is a good opportunity to look around and see if anything tempts you :)

My other favorite place to learn is having a deal so crazy I honestly don't know how you couldn't give it a try. From now through 11/29/2017, Creativebug is offering a 3 month subscription for just $1. Seriously. Creativebug has a different structure than Craftsy, but I have learned so much from their classes:
  • All of Yao Cheng's Watercolor classes are amazing - believe me, I've watched them all - and if she can teach me how to paint, that is absolute proof of how good her classes are. Beginning Watercolor is a great place to start, and I really enjoyed the 31 Days of Flowers Painting Challenge. If you're wanting to see this for yourself, this is a great time to get signed up for just $1.
  • Needle Felting is way fun, and I never would've actually given it a try without this class to show me the ropes. I still plan on making that goldfish someday!
  • This Cartwheel Pillow Class is adorable. I recently made one myself (to be blogged soon) and it was so simple but so cute :) 
  • Fashion Draping is taught by Mood Fabric's in house instructor and is super informative. This is one of the more difficult techniques Creativebug shows as far as sewing goes, and it's a great way to get your feet wet. The other Mood classes are great too (Fashion Illustration and Understanding Textiles).
  • Having made my own Sailor Blouse in the Fancy Tiger Crafts class, I can tell you that having this pattern alone for the $1 would be more than worth the subscription. I love my top and have a few more planned (when I get more free sewing time).
These are just a few of the classes I've enjoyed and learned from in the little over a year I've had a subscription. The glory of Creativebug's set up is that you are able to watch a class on a whim since you have free access to their entire library with a subscription (which is only $5 per month regularly anyway- so worth it) - this is the only reason I even contemplated trying to paint with watercolors. If I'd had to purchase an expensive class from Craftsy not knowing if I would take to it or enjoy painting at all, I would never have spent the money on a class. Just being able to watch things you may be interested in is an awesome concept. I honestly can't recommend their site enough, and what better time to give them a try then when it will only cost you $1 for 3 months?

Hopefully this post isn't too annoying. These are affiliate links, so I get a small percentage if you make a purchase, but I would never post about them if I did not enjoy these sites so much myself. I am always on both of these sites, watching classes, buying supplies, etc. They are great places for inspiration and I've never regretted any of the money I've spent on their products.

Yay for Black Friday!

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