Thursday, October 12, 2017

FO: Irma

Have you ever had a project that you've intended to make for a long time but just never got around to it? While packing to evacuate for Hurricane Irma, I planned several projects to kill the time I might have during and after the storm hit. The lions and birds came first, but I knew I may have more time on my hands then just those toys would fill. So I deliberately packed coordinating colors of yarn (that I was able to use for all the projects) and grab my Super-Scary Mochi Mochi book as well. I never want to be caught without a project, and what better opportunity to make the pattern that made me buy the book? So after making my other little critters, and after quite a bit of debris clean up, I cast on my dream monster. I call it Irma :)
This is the Hurly-Burly pattern from Super-Scary Mochi Mochi by Anna Hrachovec. The whole book is filled with cute/scary monsters (mostly cute) like werewolves, little witches, rats, etc. I like a lot of the patterns, but the Hurly-Burly pattern is what made me buy the book. Want to see why?
Wait for it...
Almost there...
Just tuck those legs all the way in...
And you have a different monster :) Isn't it great?! The monster eats itself, lol. I just love it. I'm a bit partial to the orange and yellow side - aren't her pigtails cute?
I love how both sides have stripes but on the purple side they are half the size. It's a cute touch. The stripes look particularly neat on the back:
Like a bull's eye, right? I also love the arms and legs - they are so cartoony and cute.
The only change I made from the pattern was to put the eyes a few rounds lower then the example, and I really like the result.
And the yellow back - see how the stripes are wider? This was a very straight forward pattern as long as you don't mind keeping up with the stripes. I decided to go with the colors she uses in the example mostly because I couldn't figure out any other colors at the moment I was packing and I already knew I'd be bringing these. The yellow is Red Heart With Love in Daffodil, the orange is a mystery thrift store acrylic, the dark purple is I Love This Yarn in Grape, and the light purple is a mystery acrylic I've had since high school and no longer know what it is, lol.
I love the individual touches of each side with their hair - see his little stubble hair?
And her pigtails?
And the feets.
And for the girl.
I'm super thrilled with how this turned out, and having this made up has given me great ideas for this year's MochiMochiland Photo Contest :) At the moment, this is sitting on a shelf in my sewing room and it makes me smile to look at it. And what better name than to call it after the storm that made it possible?

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