Thursday, August 31, 2017

Summer of Basics: My Makes

Well, I managed to make these 6 pieces this summer, and they are my entries in the Summer of Basics make-along. The lovely part about a make-along like this (other than getting lots of very useful basic items to wear from it) is that there are prizes involved :) So I've organized my pieces by which category I will enter them in - nothing like the last minute!
First up is my coordinating pieces entry. This consists of my "outfit":
I've worn each of these pieces both together and with other things and they are definitely new favorites in my wardrobe :)

I also managed to make these 3 other pieces that technically go together, but I won't really be wearing 2 shirts at the same time. These have been well incorporated into my closet as well (particularly the black skirt).

And while I know it isn't the most technically advanced "pattern hack" around, I did hack the Renfrew neckline to be higher and did a different neckband treatment, so I'm throwing these into the ring as well.

Did you participate in the Summer of Basics? I'm really happy I did, and I hope this challenge continues each year because it really helps you make pieces that are very wearable. Yay for basic items!

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