Monday, July 10, 2017

Planning: Summer of Basics

(photo c/o Fringe Association Blog)
I read a while back about the Summer of Basics -along on the Fringe Association blog and decided it's the perfect project for me :) I was already making pretty basic items for the Outfit Along, so I'm going to be doubling up on this challenge as well as just continuing to make what I've already planned, but I will enter my makes to win prizes (how could that be bad, right?).

The idea of Summer of Basics is to have 3 basic items made up by the end of August. They can be sewn, knitted, etc - any combination of crafts to make them up (all 3 sewn, 2 sewn and 1 knitted, all 3 knitted, etc). So far my plan is to just make basic pieces and enter the ones I end up liking the best. I'll probably include my Anaheim Sweater since I have that finished already and I don't want the stress of finishing another knit in a time crunch. For the other pieces I have quite a few nice basic pieces planned and I thought I'd share some planning here.
The Lark Tee pattern by Grainline Studio has been on my table to make for a while now. I shared in my Outfit Along planning post that I want to make one in black and white stripe knit. Mostly I just really want a boat neck black and white stripe shirt - and how much more basic can you get, really? So this is the next item on my list to make.
I also really have the itch for a new Melissa Skirt by Muse patterns. I really need to replace my versions because I wear them ALL THE TIME. This skirt is the best basic ever in my book, so why not make more? I have a 1.75 yard cut of gray cotton twill that is just the right weight for a Melissa, so I will definitely be making that up :) I may even need to make another of the many I have fabric for. We'll see...
 I also would love to sew up some of my new fabrics from the 4th of July. I'm still trying to decide which pattern, but I know I want a skirt out of this Quill by Valori Wells Linen/Cotton blend. I'm thinking a Peggy skirt by Blue Ginger Doll patterns would be really cute, I'm just trying to decide if the fabric has too much body for this style? My other option would just be a basic a-line skirt.
And I know I want to make a Sailor Top by Fancy Tiger Crafts to go with the Quill linen/cotton skirt. Won't that be cute?! I'm excited. This fabric is Faril by Lotta Jansdotter, and it is technically a quilting cotton, but this pattern's big draw is that they say it can be made in any fabric. I loved this fabric combo so much that I wanted to give it a try. The fabric is cute without being super cutesy, so I think I can get a lot of wear out of it. I've worn my red version quite a bit, so I know I like the pattern.
I also STILL really want to make up McCall's 7475 - I have traced the knee length skirt and I have a nice lighter weight black twill fabric ready to make it up in. This may be happening very soon since I really just love the look of this skirt and want to get one made. Here's hoping I can churn one out.

I have plenty of other basic items in the forecast, but I know I will only have so much sewing time between now and the end of August. I find myself wanting more and more basic pieces to work in my wardrobe I already have - maybe it's maturity? I've never been much of a "party dress" sewist (though I do have a few awesome skirts planned with crazy fabrics), so this challenge is right up my alley. Wish my luck in getting things sewn up!

Are you participating in the Summer of Basics?

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