Monday, May 22, 2017

FO: Tigeröga Hollyburn Skirt

Guys - I made a whole outfit! This is a rarity with me, but I knew that I wouldn't have any tops to wear with this skirt fabric. I've had this skirt planned ever since Katharina of Fröbelina posted hers over a year ago :) I'm glad it's finally a reality!
I always love to look at Ikea's fabric, but I can never figure out what to make with them other than skirts. I've bought a few cuts over the years, but this is the first one I've made into something. It was entirely Katharina's fault. I liked her skirt so much that I made sure to grab this fabric from Ikea next time I could get over there.
I went with the Sewaholic Hollyburn pattern again, this time trying a new way to do my alterations. I needed extra room at the waist, but in this stiff fabric I really didn't want to add to the hem. So I measured out 1" from the pattern at the side seam, but I angled back down to the original hem. It was so simple, but it really made a difference in how this feels. I really like how this version lays :)
I went with a lapped zipper again (my fav), and this time I used a vintage 7" metal zipper from the stash. I went with the 7" because 1) I didn't have a 9" like recommended and 2) I have the problem of my previous Hollyburn (or two) being a bit too open when I'm trying to zip the skirt up (meaning they actually fall off and I have a hard time keeping them up over my hips). So I just took my black Hollyburn, opened the zipper 7", and made sure I could get it over my bum - which I could :) So 7" it was. The fact that it's metal is just because I liked the color of the zipper tape better than the others I had available.
And no lapped zipper of mine ever goes without a close up photo, lol. I just love them so much. Isn't it the perfect red? I love when that happens with stashed stuff, don't you?
Then, of course, there's the ever beloved pockets. I could seriously wax poetic about these pockets all day. They are so awesome.
And the side view. I love the shape you get with this pattern when you use a fabric with a lot of body. It keeps its shape well. I also love the length of this skirt. I always try for knee length, but sometimes I'm guilty of going a bit too high. I'm talking a 1" difference here. It's crazy how much that 1" can affect your comfort. This one is just long enough and stiff enough that a gust of wind does not trouble me - something that I never really thought about until I lived on the river. It's so windy here! I love that I don't have to constantly worry about any Marilyn moments with this skirt. I want my clothing to be worry free.
Another thing I did a little differently this time was try out a Hong Kong finish inside. As you can see I vastly underestimated the amount of bias tape this would take, lol. I had the idea because this fabric has so much body that you wouldn't see the thicker seams when worn, so why not try it out? I went to my thrifted stash of bias binding and picked colors I thought worked ok, then I'd run out and pick another, lol. I have 5 different bias tapes on here, most of which were sewn with my nifty bias binding foot - which I've never used before but I surely will now. It was fun to try something new. It took hours longer than my other Hollyburns, but it's a fun result even if only I will ever see it. 
I bias bound the waistband inside and then stitched in the ditch to close it. I really like this effect :) I also finished the hem with bias tape and then hand stitched it down. I didn't need the extra length, I just was going for consistency inside the skirt - well, as much consistency you can get with 5 different bias tape colors, lol. 
So there's my latest Hollyburn :) Check back soon to find out about my shirt that I made to go with it!

Fabric: 2 yards Tigeröga cotton print fabric from Ikea - $ 13.50
Pattern: Hollyburn Skirt by Sewaholic
Notions: 7" metal zipper - $0.10, various lengths of bias tape - $1.00 (thrifted), thread - $1.00
Time: 6 hours
Total Cost $15.60


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I have been in love with that fabric since I first saw it, but I didn't know what to do with it until I was in a fashion challenge last year that required me to make a trench coat that expressed my style. I think I like it as a skirt better, TBH. Both yours and your inspiration's are so great.

    Here's a link to the post about my trench coat, in case you're interested.

    1. Your trench coat looks AMAZING! I love the navy accents you added. This is such a fun fabric, and I never would've even thought of it as a coat, but it turned out great :)

    2. Thanks! I kinda ripped it apart with the intention of adding a blue band along the bottom. I didn't love the length and would like to add a few inches and I thought the blue at the bottom would balance out the big blue collar/lapels. Hopefully I'll get it all reassembled by the time fall rolls around so I can wear it again. :)


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