Friday, April 14, 2017

FO: Flapjack Frogs

This is a project that I've wanted to make for quite a while. Back at the beginning of March, I found myself without a toy project. I had just finished my baby doll, and I really just felt like knitting toys quietly in the evenings. So I kind of haphazardly picked a pattern I liked from my stack and started knitting. I've always loved the Flapjack Frogs by Anna Hrachovec, and it was one of the first patterns I ever bought from her. Such a cute idea, right?!
So I dug through my stash of green acrylic, worsted weight yarns (of which I actually have quite a selection, lol). I started with Premier Everyday Soft Worsted in Shamrock, then Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green, then I Love This Yarn in Jelly Bean. I liked the variations between light and dark all represented in the one project. Because of the bright colors of the frogs, I went with a hunter green (Caron Simply Soft in Dark Sage) for the lily pad. The white is Vanna's Choice on their tummies and the fly's wings. The black is Premier Everyday Soft Worsted, and the pink is Red Heart Super Saver in Perfect Pink.
One of my favorite touches is the little tongue - it's just so funny, lol. I didn't want to over do it though, so I only made one frog with a tongue. I used 9 mm safety eyes for the frogs.

Speaking of cute touches, look at that little fly! He's cute on his own, but I think what really makes him super adorable is his little colored eyes. I was lucky enough to test out some Suncatcher Craft Eyes and I got a multicolored pack of size 6 mm. Not only was this the perfect mini size for the fly, but this limey green color is so vibrant that it even showed up on a totally black background. Isn't that awesome?! This is the second set I've used and they are just such nice quality. I'm definitely a believer :)
So, what do you do when you're taking pictures of a fun set like this? You make little scenes, of course, lol. My nephew helped name the frogs, so this is Frank with Flynn the fly, lol. 
And how about a little synchronized swimming? It's like they're sky diving or something, lol.
And why not add in the lily pad? Also aren't their knees cool? I love all the little touches that Anna adds to her patterns. They are small touches, but they make the project so much more interesting and they have much more character.
So now I finally have my set of Flapjack Frogs :) They are fun for playing leap frog with, as well as stacking in various ways. Anna has a few other patterns that keep with the theme of stacking (Pile-Up Pups and Stackable Cats) which I will eventually make as well. They're just so fun! I'm glad to have them on hand "for future children". In the meantime, they will looks really cute in my sewing room :)


  1. They are so cute, especially the little pink tongue!

    1. Thanks so much, Deborah :) I love the tongue too.


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