Thursday, March 9, 2017

FO: Slouchy Moss Beanie

And now we have the final hat from Marisa's triumvirate :) This one was the wild card. She had picked a different pattern - Bothel by Tracey Todhunter - but when I went to make it I discovered that it was just a plain double crochet stitch hat. The pictures look very different, so I'm not really sure what's up there, but I just wasn't happy with the pattern. So when both the other hats were finished we had another little consultation and she picked this one.
This is the Slouch Moss Beanie by Phanessa Fong, another free pattern on Ravelry. It's a slouchy beanie knit in a moss stitch at a very loose gauge, giving it a nice texture. It also made it super stretchy, which is pretty fun and more comfy I think.
This is also made in Cascade 220 Superwash yarn, this time in the smoke gray colorway, I really like this color - a nice blue but not in your face. This yarn really worked fantastic for this style of hat - man I love 220 superwash :)
I really love this texture. I've never been a fan of knitting moss or seed stitch because I'm an English style knitter, so it's pretty tedious to change your yarn from front to back after every single stitch. Thankfully this was a small project, and while I did get a bit tired of all that moving toward the end I can't deny that it is a lovely outcome :)
Both of us agreed that this hat needed a little somethin extra, so I showed marisa the other colors of 220 superwash I have in my stash so she could pick a pom pom. In the end she settled on white. I made a 3.5" pom pom and holy cow does that take a lot of yarn! It took 11 grams just for this pom pom. Crazy. But it is a cute result.

And here's the hat's new owner, lol. Are you tired of seeing that same hill yet? This is a nice color for winter - it goes with the landscape but still stands out with its touch of more color.
So there you have it - my 3 hats that I made while I had the flu. In the end I'm really grateful I had these projects already lined up and ready to make. I don't know I could've handled a lot of decision making with my head in a fog, and the knitting really kept me from being completely miserable. So thanks, Marisa, for wanting so many hats, lol :)

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