Tuesday, March 7, 2017

FO: Cabled Beanie with Fur

The next hat in line that I sent to my sister actually turned out to be the overall favorite. 
This is the Basic Cabled Cap pattern by Judy Gibson, which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I liked that it's simple and only the same cable stitch over and over again, lol. Nice and easy. This one started out with a photo from my sister from a movie or tv show - after showing her all the photos of hat patterns I could make, I think it really got her into noticing knit wear. She sent the photo and I turned to Ravelry to find a pattern, and she liked the look of this one. Yay for a simple hat! 
The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in the Turtle colorway. Something Marisa really liked about the inspiration hat photo was the big furry pom pom on top. Rather than pay who knows what at a craft store for a cheap one, I turned to ebay and searched their Chinese sellers. We settled on this one that sells as a faux fur brown fox pom pom. The only down side of buying things this way is the time it takes to arrive, so 3 weeks later when it showed up at my door I was a little surprised by what we got. This is real rabbit fur. This turned into one of those weird situations - neither my sister nor I would've deliberately bought a real fur pom pom, but now that  that's what it turned out to be, what can you really do? So while we both love bunnies, I used the pom pom and I have to say it looks really cute on this hat. This bunny lost its life already, and then came from China for only $4 so there really wasn't much I could do about it. Don't hate me, lol.
I love the simple cable in this hat. It's just one cable stitch every 4 rows so it was very easy to memorize. This simplicity came in really handy when I had the flu. After finishing Bronntanas, I just picked up the next yarn and set to work, so my fuzzy brain was grateful for the mindlessness of this project.

Being a real fur pom pom, you don't really want to worry about washing it. I doubt the hat will need washing all that often, but in case it does we are in luck since the pom pom comes already sewn onto a snap button. You just sew the receiving end to your hat and you're done :) So if she gets it all dirty she can just pop off the pom pom and throw it in the washer. Yay for simplicity all around!
And here is Marisa posing with one of her cats :)
And here is the hat on her tubing trip.
All in all I love how this hat turned out. It was easy to make and super comfy to wear. I definitely recommend this pattern if you're needing a quick and easy project :)

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