Friday, February 24, 2017

Christmas FO: Slouchy Beanie

So I know I said back in January that I'd shared all my handmade Christmas gifts, but I kind of lied, lol. I shared all the ones I had photos of, but there were still 2 projects left - one that will be blogged soon, and this hat.
My sister, Marisa, specifically requested a hat this year. More than just that she sent me an actual pattern through Pinterest that she wanted me to make her, lol. Lucky for me it was basically the easiest crocheted hat ever. This is the Really Easy Slouchy Beanie pattern by Jennifer DiMaria. It's a free pattern, so that was an even nicer bonus. The whole hat is just double crochet with a single crochet brim. You increase out to the width you want, crochet straight, then decrease slightly and sc a few rows for a brim. That's it! So easy. This made it really easy to give my sister exactly what she wanted. Woo hoo!
Marisa requested either a black or dark red hat, so I went with Caron Simply Soft in the Autumn Red colorway. I figured the yarn would have a nice drape in this style. Being me I couldn't just follow the pattern when I disagreed with it, lol. So in the end this hat is different from the written pattern, but it still turned out slouchy. I just didn't think it was going to have enough slouch, so I added both width and length to it. We have large heads in my family (it's all the brains), so I just kept trying the hat on and adjusting to my preference. Didn't take notes though, sorry. It took about the course of one movie to make this hat, and Marisa was happy with the result :) So happy that she requested I make her more hats for the West Virginia winter (which you will see more of coming up).
And here it is on Marisa herself :) She recently went on a tubing trip and took pics of all her new hats for me. We'll have to have a chat about how to pull that slouch to the nape of the neck, lol, but other than that it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I love the pop of color in the drab winter landscape. So I'm glad that I could give my sister just what she wanted for Christmas and have it be practical for keeping her warm too. Yay for people to make hats for!

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