Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Year In Thread - 2016

And what would my year end be without my sewing stats, hmm? I still wear most everything I made this year, so that's a really good sign :) Here is everything I managed to make this year:
1. Diamond Dogs PJ Pants - Made these just a few days before David Bowie died :( I still wear these quite a lot.
2. Green Melissa Skirt - My biggest flop of the year. So sad.
3. Dawn To Dusk Top - This was a Craftsy kit they sent me to test, and I do wear it occasionally even though I messed up the neck area - mainly I adore this fabric and want it on my bod, lol.
4. Grassy Hollyburn - In spite of this being on my list of misses and it being technically too small, this skirt got a decent amount of wear in December :) It's the perfect Christmas skirt. I just can't eat anything when I wear it, lol.
5. Gathered Back Top Experiment - This was a fun project, and I love that it turned out wearable, lol. This is in regular rotation.
6. The Birthday Skirt - Love this skirt! I wear this a lot.
7. Deep Purple Hollyburn - I love this skirt, but it is just barely too big. I added too much to the center front, so I will be sure to omit that next time I make this pattern. It's still fun to wear though - so swishy and I love the pockets!
8. Eyelet Parisian Top - I wear this regularly too as it's such a great basic with a twist. I get a lot of compliments on this shirt.
9. Swirly Birds Planfrew - This is a fun one I wear every so often. It feels a bit young at times, lol, so I have to be in the right mood. Very comfy though.
10. Lace Wrap Front Top - This doesn't get worn as much as I thought it would simply because it's a bit more fancy then I usually wear. It looks great with the silk skirt I intended it for, so I do wear it whenever I pull that skirt out.
11. Birthday Birdie Sorrel - This is such a fun shirt and I love the color combo :)
12. Seven Dwarves Sorrel - One of my favorites this year even though I've only worn it a few times due to the silly fabric. I did recently wear this when I went to sing at Disney. And I now have Disney tickets, so this will be worn in the actual park soon :) #KillingIt
13. Bostie Shirt - Ah, my gift turned selfish item, lol. This is a fun shirt I wear on casual days. It's very comfy.
14. Mini Bostie Shirt - Luke wears this pretty regularly, so I take that as a good sign :)
15. Floral Shirt Refashion - This still needs the buttons resewn, lol, so it hasn't made it out yet. I still like it though.
16. Spiegel Skirt Refashion - This has never left the house since I feel huge in it. So sad.
17. Doggy Shirt Refashion - I wear this much more than I expected I would, and it's a nice memory of my Grammy when I do.
18. Plaid Peggy Skirt - Seriously my favorite skirt right now hands down. I just had to wash out a spot on it and I didn't know what to do with myself while it was out of commission, lol.
19. Regency Dress - I have quite the blog post about this dress coming, but I made it to wear with my singing group when we sang at Disney this Christmas :) It fit great and blended right in (which were my 2 worries with making it). It was a big headache at the time, but it all turned out well.
20. Shannon's Stripey Planfrew - This was Shannon's Christmas gift this year, and it took everything that was in me not to embellish it, lol. This may be the most boring thing I've ever made. But Shannon says she likes it, so that's all that matters.

So, I only managed to sew 20 things this year, down from last year's 33. I didn't even make a Halloween costume. *sigh* Next year. Like I said though I do waer most of these items, so that's a win. And I have lots of fun t-shirts to wear whenever I want :) And I WILL make a green skirt this year. I swear it! lol Here's to a new year with new sewing possibilities!

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