Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 5 of 2016: Hits!

Hi, all :) I didn't want to neglect the blog whilst I'm toiling away on Christmas gifts, so here's something a little different.
This was a weird year in my making journey. I feel like I really didn't get all that much done. I had so many outside sources of stress (moving, getting my house up for sale, stuff with my husband, my singing group, etc) that I never really felt I could devote the time I wanted to make the things I had planned. That said, I still wanted to join in Gillian's Top 5 lists over on Crafting A Rainbow to reflect on the things I did make and show what really works in my wardrobe and what gets passed by time after time. So let's start with the fun part: the successes!
5. Seven Dwarves Sorrel - Ok, so this one wins for the silliest make of the year, and I will confess it has not yet made it to Disney like I planned for it, but I love it just the same. I've only worn it out a few times, but this shirt is just so comfy! The dwarves knit fabric is great and it makes me really excited that I have another Disney knit in my stash (don't judge, lol). I know I will be getting some Disney tickets soon, so I will be sure to wear this shirt when I finally get to go :)
4. Birthday Skirt - This is just such a fun skirt, plus it's comfy and has great pockets - this adds up to a piece that gets worn on the regular. It's pretty distinct, so I certainly can't wear it all the time (plus it's a light color and I'm always spilling things on it, so it has to be washed and ironed regularly which puts it out of commission), but I pull this out every few weeks and I always enjoy wearing it. It also helps that I have the perfect mint green cardi and even mint green Keds to wear with it (not the shoes in the photo). I get complimented on how well my outfit matches every time I wear this, lol. Wearing this also reminds me of the little splurge for my birthday, which is always nice :)
3. Eyelet Parisian Top - While this top is a bit sheer for wearing all the time, it's such a great basic item with a fun twist. I LOVE the collar on this shirt. Love it. It makes me want to make one in every color. Being that this is white, it works with an amazing number of skirts in my closet. It's funny that this shirt was such a last minute item for the Outfit Along, but in all honesty it's the most worn piece from that challenge.
2. Ginny Cardigan - This has become my go-to "throw in my bag in case it gets cold" sweater. The wool is light and airy, so it does a great job of being light and compact in my bag but also keeps me warm but also not too warm when I'm just a little chilly. It's one draw back is that it's not great in the wind since it's knit at such a loose gauge, but I can live with that. It doesn't get crazy cold here anyway, so this sweater is a fun and lovely piece to throw on when I walk the dog or need to bundle up just a bit. I'm really looking forward to wearing it more now that the weather is cooling down.
1. Plaid Peggy Skirt - It feels like cheating to put this as my #1 item of the year since it's' my most recent make, but this is undoubtedly my favorite item of the year. I've worn this skirt at least once a week since I finished it (sometimes twice a week). It's cute, comfy, and different while still being fairly neutral and easy to match with tops in my wardrobe. I still stand by the fact that I want more solid colored shirts now, but it's worked great with the ones I do have already. I also really love the high waist. It's high enough that my shirts don't come untucked throughout the day (a constant struggle for the long torso-ed), so I feel really cute and put together when I wear this. It's also the perfect height to wear with my cropped cardis that I've knitted :) All in all, this skirt is a solid win and I need many more iterations of it in my closet for sure.

So those are my favorite items from this year :) Stay tuned for the not so favorites, lol.

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