Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FO: Seven Dwarfs Sorrel

This is a project I finished a month ago (!) and I was hoping to get fun pictures at a Disney location since I'm about an hour away. But life happens, and while I still may get those pictures sometime, I wanted to go ahead and share my shirt now :) 
This is (yet another) Sorrel Top from Seamster Patterns. I seriously love this pattern - obviously as evidenced that this is my 5th time making it up in a year. This time around, I just wanted a simple and fun *win* of a project. I needed one. My schedule has been crazy, and while I dream all day of making shirt dresses and coats and other more complicated projects, I just haven't had the mental capacity to do all the muslins I will need to make those other projects work for me. So I'm just enjoying making t-shirts in the meantime. I can be "fun t-shirt girl" for a while. I'm cool with that.
So this shirt is obviously a bit more "novelty" then even I usually go for. Let's get one thing straight - I am not a "Disney t-shirt wearer". I did my time growing up here in the 90s, and I've feared that persona ever since, lol. But back in January at the Sewing Studio's major sale I came across this Seven Dwarves printed jersey and knew I needed a ridiculous shirt from it. And how much more cutesy can you get with dwarf fabric than by giving it a funky Peter Pan collar and sleeve cuffs? So I bought a yard of this fabric and planned to make it up when I had the possibility of going to Disney and wearing it there.

I did have a hard time deciding on the color for the collar and cuffs. When I bought the dwarf fabric I thought I'd use white, but I've made this pattern a few times with white collars and I feel it makes it seem like I own a bunch of the same exact shirt (which I do, but whatever - other people don't need to know that, lol). So I dug in my stash of knit material and pulled out a few other options. Nothing was a dead match to the colors in the main fabric, but this sagey-mint green was pretty close, so I went with that. I really like how it turned out! This green fabric was a thrift store find, and it's really nice actually.
I cut the body of the shirt about 1/4" wider at the sides this time since last time I used a jersey of this weight it came out a bit snug. I'm really happy with how the fit turned out here. Fitted but not digging in. Yes!
Detail shots! I'm pretty proud of my ditch stitching around the collar. There was a lot of changing of threads going on with this. I used a light blue for some areas since the main fabric has a light blue background, I used a mint green for the collar and cuffs, and I used white woolly nylon thread in the bobbin for the hems. I even took the time to match it up at the collar and used blue in the top and green in the bobbin. It really helped make the stitches invisible. Unfortunately I didn't take my time at the actual collar when attaching it to the body and there is a sizable space where the collar points meet. It bugs me a bit, but realistically I don't think anyone who doesn't sew would notice, especially since they don't meet at the center front. I AM proud of the fact that my shoulder seam actually meets up with the collar shoulder seam though, lol. I think that's the first time that's happened. Also the hems look great. I love a twin needle with woolly nylon in the bobbin!
So there you have it! The first in my line of latest projects. I'll be sure to post again when I finally get to Disney so I can show this baby off in the environment it was designed for :) I took pictures of several things that I've worked on lately - all simple projects, but it just feels so much better to be blogging and actually show something for my time no matter how simple it was to do, you know? Sometimes (well, often for me) blogging is more of a personal outlet and score card. I like looking back and seeing things I was able to make in spite of whatever was happening at the time. Anyway, not trying to be depressing, lol. Just my thoughts at this moment. I love being able to show off my silly projects. So thanks for reading about them :)

Fabric: 1.25 yard of The In Crown Dwarves Knit from The Sewing Studio - $9.70, 0.25 yards green interlock - $0.25 (thrifted)
Pattern: Sorrel Top by Seamster Patterns
Notions: blue thread, green thread, and woolly nylon thread - $1.00
Time: 5 hours
Total Cost: $10.95

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  1. Love the print! It's going to be one of those garments that makes you smile every time you wear it!


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