Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Week, One Pattern 2016: Completed!

This past week was  #OWOP (One Week, One Pattern), an online sewing challenge where you wear only garment made from the same pattern for a whole week. I've always wanted to participate in but never had enough garments from one pattern until this year. So I just had to jump in! Most people choose a very diverse pattern that includes tops and bottoms so they have lots of choice, but that's just not my style, lol.
This year, it was hosted by Hannah from Cinderellis Sews (it's been hosted by others in the past) and there were prizes and online fun. It's silly, but just sharing your makes and having other sewists project to look at really made my week. I decided to go with my favorite pattern for this challenge and only wear my Sorrel Tops all week. The Sorrel Top is from Seamster Patterns and it's me-to-a-T. It's also the last project I posted, lol, which put me up to 4 versions from the same pattern so I knew I would be able to wear them all for a solid week. No one even mentioned that I was wearing the same thing every day (which I was actually expecting since this is such a distinct pattern). Sadly my newest version was only worn once because I spilled something on it and it was in the wash after the first day :/ The others held up beautifully though. The challenge was fun, to be sure, but it also brought things to my attention:

  • Looking at the photos I have to admit that my most flattering version is my wearable muslin (blogged here) which makes me realize I need more solid versions. I've had a navy one planned with a white collar that has a piece to look like a bow and I think I may need to make this one a reality.
  • My Forest Friends and my Birthday Birdie versions seriously look like the same shirt at a quick glance in these photos, lol. No one can say I'm not consistent!
  • The asymmetrical collar is more flattering on me, so I will probably stick to that version in the future.
  • These shirts are super comfy and I'm fine with wearing them everyday. Yay!
The eagle eyed among you may wonder about the last photo in the collage - it's yet another Sorrel top! lol I started making this one on Wednesday but after mixing up the collar and facing pieces I had to unpick the whole collar and recut a few pieces which caused me not to get it finished in time to wear this week. It's even made of Disney fabric - how ridiculous am I? It's all for a purpose though, so just know you will soon be seeing yet another novelty print Sorrel top on this blog. Just after posting another one. Like back to back. I have no regrets. I do think I will have to set this pattern aside for a while now though. I want to branch out with my fun t-shirt making and try some new things. Maybe I'll actually get around to sewing something off my Make 9 in 2016 list. I can dream, right?

So I really enjoyed finally getting to be a part of #OWOP after all these years! I'm excited to pick a different pattern next year and keep the tradition going. Yay for fun sewing challenges!

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