Monday, April 11, 2016

My Yerdle Adventures (and How You Can Get a Free $35 Credit)

So, I recently became involved in yet another great place to get cheap stuff and I had to share, lol.

For those who have not heard of, it's an online "trading" site. You post pictures of things you are willing to give away, assign them a price in "yerdle dollars", and wait for someone to claim them. Conversely, you can shop using the Yerdle dollars you have, just paying a flat $5 shipping rate to get the items you want. I was intrigued by the idea long ago and joined the site, but never actually looked around until now. Now that I've started "sharing" though, I can't seem to stop, lol.

So what did I get with my first weekend of Yerdle-ing?
This all started with the search for a leather purse strap. I had purchased a second hand leather purse, but it came with no shoulder strap. I looked on ebay and other places on line, but for a real leather strap (a must for me because I annihilate them) they were bare minimum $25, which was more than I paid for the actual purse so that seemed silly. I decided to take a gander on Yerdle to see if anything could be found. And it was a success! What are the odds, right? A girl had sold a yellow coach purse, but couldn't find the strap at the time. When she found the strap, she no longer knew who bought the purse, so she just listed the brand new strap on Yerdle. Lucky me! Since I was definitely getting the strap, I looked through the other items this girl was "giving" on Yerdle, and I got this striped Old Navy top as well. I even had a free shipping credit, so I literally paid $2 for these items. How great is that?!
My second Yerdle purchase was a bit of a gamble, and sadly it didn't pan out. Someone listed this pair of size 39 Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes for just $25 Yerdle dollars. The picture was completely blurry, so you couldn't really see the details, but I had a free shipping credit and these are normally $100 or more shoes, so I figured it was worth the gamble. They aren't too bad until you look close...
I even looked up online how to clean Melissa jelly shoes, and used a magic eraser as recommended, but to no avail. I have no idea what would actually stain plastic shoes blue and red - maybe this person was a raver? lol. They are a little too tight on one of my feet anyway, so it's not really worth it to try harder to clean them. If anyone knows any tricks though, I'm all ears. I may re-Yerdle these or put them on ebay. We shall see.
My 3rd foray on Yerdle started when I saw these amazing Marie Antoinette postcards. These are from Versailles and show etchings of the queen in some of her crazy fashions with descriptions of them in French (and info about where you can get it for yourself from Rose Bertin, lol). I'm slightly obsessed with Marie Antoinette lately, plus the pink border and style will go fantastic in my sewing room, so I used my 3rd free shipping credit to get these. I can't wait to find a frame for them. Again, since I was definitely getting the postcards, I decided to look around at the other items the owner had up to give. I ended up with some needle nose pliers, 2 bottles of grout cleaner and sealer (more than half full each), and a Wade of England mini hedgehog figurine (my grandmother is all about mini animal figures right now so I just had to get it for her, lol). All of this cost me $4.
So, how did I get all the free shipping credits? By giving some of my own stuff :) You get a free shipping credit automatically once your first "give" goes through (meaning it's shipped out and on its way). Then you get more credits as you hit various giving milestones (I believe on the 3rd and 10th item you give). When I hit 10 items given (which happened in the same weekend I "bought" the items shown above), I became a "Star Yerdler" and received a fun surprise from Yerdle in the mail - some stickers and star confetti, lol. At the 10 gives point you can add a photo to your profile and you get access to exclusive promos too, so that will be nice. I'm now up to 13 processed gives, and when you hit 25 your get half off Yerdle's processing fees as well as more promos and exclusive stuff. It sounds pretty sweet, so I'm just hoping people want more of the stuff I put up to give, lol.

So yeah, I've had a lot of fun with Yerdle over the past few weeks, so I thought I'd share. If you'd like to give it a try yourself, you get a $35 Yerdle dollar credit if you sign up through my link (normally it's only $25, so please sign up through my link). Also you automatically get a free shipping credit when you give away your first item :) I'm all about those free shipping credit, folks. That is where it's at. Anyway, I highly recommend you have a look around Yerdle - maybe even grab some of the things I have up there if they strike your fancy. This type of shopping gives the same thrill as thrifting for me, so I hope you have fun with it too!

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