Monday, March 21, 2016

FO: A New Hat For Luke

My little nephew, Luke, has grown (as toddlers tend to do). I made him several hats as a tiny baby, but none of them fit his large noggin anymore. Back in January, this became an issue with the cooler weather. He had store bought hats, but none of them were long enough to cover his ears. He came to me one day and specifically asked if I could make him a hat that covered his ears, lol. How could I refuse that?
I'm pretty amazed at the size of this kid's head to be honest, lol. His circumference is 22". I have a large head for an adult and my head is 23" around. Crazy. I decided to get all sentimental and make him a hat out of the same yarn I made him his first ever hat that he wore in the hospital. Awe...
The sad thing is that it almost isn't long enough for him! I measured him and had him try it on before I decreased and all looked good, but it's still a smidge short. Oh well - it was way better than the store bought versions he had and it kept his head warm so he could play outside :)
He was a big fan of watching me make the "puffy ball" on top. He kept squishing it while he wore the hat (imagine honking a clowns nose, lol). The yarn is Caron Simply Soft in Ocean - I figured it would be best to use acrylic for a toddler. 
I made this hat the night he asked me, and had it finished the next day so we had this photo shoot. Taking pictures of a toddler that you want to show anything in particular is a futile effort, ha ha. He was running and jumping and I was just lucky for these few shots.
So there's Luke's new hat :) He was pretty thrilled about it, and that's all that matters. He's my little buddy and he thinks my knitting is "pretty cool". I love quick little gratifying projects like this to boost my mood. Anyone else?


  1. Hi Meg, I just posted a comment on your needle case tutorial. Not sure if you saw it there. I am making this firmly daughter and I'm having trouble understating the measurements. How do I measure odd amounts like 2.15 or 5.95 or 11.15?

  2. We thought maybe the measurements were 16ths but then we still couldn't understand what 4.85 and 5.95 were. Can you help us by explaining please?

  3. I'm even more confused, because in your reply you said that you used the millimeter markings "within" the inch markings on the ruler. The markings inside the inch markings on a ruler are not millimeters. The millimeter markings on all the rulers I have are on the opposite side of the ruler, not on the same side as the inches. The lines within the inches are usually broken down into 1/8s, 1/16s or 1/20s. At least that's how it is in the United States. Where are you located?

    1. I'm also in the states, but I work with milimeters too. I just called them the wrong thing, lol. I used the lines within the 1 inch on a sewing tape measure to eyeball which point was close to what I needed. It wasn't as super precise as I guess it seems on the tutorial, I just didn't know any other way to describe the smaller increments you need. As long as it's close and not too tight for the needles to actually slide into the hole at the top, you're good since it's a soft case. The flexibility of the back fabric will allow the needles to settle as they need.
      I wish I could help more, but I'm not terribly good at math. I converted it to tenths and hundredths so I could easily add the sums together.

  4. I did make it for my daughter. I am going to visit her overseas and will give it to her then. I'll let you know if her needles fit OK. I'd be happy to send you a picture of it, if you'd like to give me your email. I didn't see anywhere to post photos in this comment.


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