Saturday, February 13, 2016

Christmas FO: The Pierced Eyebrow of the Republican Party

Oh my gosh you guys - I lied! I'm sorry, lol. I forgot one of the gifts that I made this year. I swear this is the last one though, so don't worry. Though I can completely see why I forgot about this gift...
My husband made a passing comment back in December that he would like to try wearing bow ties. I already had other things planned for his gift, but I thought that a few handmade bow ties wouldn't be too much trouble. I had him look through my stash with me and pick a few fabrics that he would like to wear. I made no promises as to when the ties would materialize, I just knew what to make them out of and what his taste would be. I ended up making them that same weekend. I searched pinterest for a pattern and came across See Kate Sew's free bow tie pattern. You just print it out and tape all 2 pages together, cut out your ties, interface one side, sew around the edge, flip it right side out, sew the hole shut and press. Super easy. 
Confession: I learned how to tie a bow tie just to take these photos, lol. I now understand why stores usually only have them in slick fabrics - these were not easy to tie! All of these fabrics were thrifted :) The stripes (my favorite) is a cotton seersucker, the check is a poly rayon of some kind, and the blue tiny checks is a thick 70s polyester. That thick polyester one was near impossible to tie. Maybe it will just take some practice. For the David Sedaris fans among you, the title of the post comes from one of his stories about when he decided to wear bow ties. It was so spot on that I always think of that phrase when I see a bow tie, lol.

Those are all the photos I have of these, and I know I won't be getting any modeled shots. Sadly my husband and I are separating. It's a pretty crappy time, and I'm not looking for sympathy by posting about it here, I've just been meaning to say something about it for a while and didn't know how to begin. My life has become incredibly crazy, filled with unfortunate tasks like sorting through old junk and divvying things, cleaning and repairing things around the house to prepare it for sale, gathering things for a yard sale, trying to sell things online, etc. Lots to do. I will say that I am fine with it all - it's my decision and I know it is justified so I will leave it there for now. That does make it easier to summon the motivation to do all these annoying tasks though. I will still be posting projects, but definitely with less frequency as I sort everything out. I guess now you can see why I forgot about making these bow ties though.

So that's OFFICIALLY the last Christmas gift I made this past year and normal projects will commence soon. If you find yourself needing a bow tie pattern, I would absolutely recommend this one. It was easy and free - can't really beat that! It also comes several sizes, so it's sure to fit the bill. Thanks for hanging in there with me and giving me a little happy place to come to. I try to keep my blog upbeat to drown out the drama of real life, and it makes it so much better to know that there are real people out there who read my posts. Thanks for reading :) It means more than you can know.

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