Thursday, January 21, 2016

FO: Artsy Flowers Sorrel

I'm taking a tiny break from posting about Christmas gifts - mainly because I've been itching to show off my final make of 2015 :) I grabbed 1 yard of an Art Gallery brand knit in a retail therapy style splurge at the beginning of December in a big sale on I've read nothing but great things about this fabric line since it's release and I've always wanted to see what the fuss was about and if it was worth the cost. This seemed like a great opportunity to find out. I refused to let myself make this shirt until I had finished all of my Christmas gifts, which just made me dream of making it all month long as I tediously made things for other people, lol. Not that I don't love my family and all that. I just love making myself clothes. You can bet your butt though that I started making this as soon as Christmas was over - I cut and sewed this on the 26th and 27th, lol. 
I went with my beloved Sorrel Top pattern by Seamster Patterns because I wanted a guaranteed win for my special fabric, plus it only 1 yard of the main fabric thanks to the contrasting cuffs and collars. I love a cute project that is conservative on fabric.
I made this shirt exactly the same as my last version and the only change to the pattern was to lengthen the hem and use a twin needle to finish instead of a hem band. Knits are a funny thing. Even though this was made with all the same seam allowances and everything as the other, this one is a smidge tighter. It seems that every time I think I've got knits figured out, I have something like this happen. Is it the recovery that affects this? Anyone know? I just wasn't expecting it from a thin jersey. It's certainly not too tight by any means, just something I noticed.  
And mannequin shots. I paired my fancy floral knit with some Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey in White (also from the same sale). The laguna comes out as a slightly warmer white just so you know. I read others mention the same thing in the comments on the website, but it is not stark white - the oddest thing is that their printed jersey that has a white base DOES have stark white, not this warmer white. It wasn't an issue for this project since the flowers look nice with the warmer white, but I figured I'd mention it for anyone else who may go for this fabric and be disappointed.
Ah, that collar stitching though :) I did my usual stitching in the ditch around the collar to secure the facing and I am always thrilled with how the stitching just disappears when you go slow. It's so clean!
And again - the curved cuffs. Aren't the just so cute?! I seriously love everything about this pattern, and I still haven't even tried the symmetrical collar yet, lol.
So there you have it - another favorite shirt that feels oh-so-me and my first time working with more expensive fabric. Isn't it funny how our perceptions of cost in sewing are all so different? I see others buy yards and yards of this brand to make dresses and whatnot without batting an eye, and here I'm worried about "splurging" on 1 yard when it was on sale, lol. That's a strict budget for you. It's nice to treat yourself occasionally though, especially when it's on a project that you know will fit great and you will love to death. Plus this goes so well with my brown Melissa skirt! Woo hoo! I triumphantly wore this outfit to the big sale at The Sewing Studio on New Year's Day. Extra points for shopping for fabric in a completely self made outfit, right?!

Fabric: 1 yard of Curiosities Splendiferous Warm Knit by Art Gallery Fabrics - $13.03, 1/4 yard Kaufman Laguna Jersey in White - $1.50
Pattern: Sorrel Top by Seamster Patterns
Notions: Pellon Knit Fusible Interfacing - $1.00, thread - stash
Hours: 5 total
Total Cost: $15.53


  1. I love, love, LOVE art gallery knits (and voile and rayon too). I think the reason its a bit snugger than other jersey is because of the slightly higher spandex content (5%), while most cheaper jersey is 1% - 3%. It definitely affects the fabric's recovery.


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