Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas FO: The Littlest Lumberjack

Back to my Christmas gifts - this is one of the ones I've been most excited to post just because it's so dang cute. Meet the tiny lumberjack!
This was made for a family friend who "has a thing for lumberjacks", lol, particularly red-headed lumberjacks. I dug through my stash of fingering weight yarn and used a tiny bit of my beloved Plucky Knitter Plucky Feet that I won from Hunter Hammersen's blog last year. That's dedication, folks - I hoard that stuff and fully plan on only using it for myself, lol, but I figured I could spare a yard for this project. His bear is quite springy.
I made this guy with the Tiny Lumberjack pattern by Anna Hrachovec (p.s. she's having a sale on her website this whole month so you can get 20% off this pattern). I've always wanted to make this up, so this gift was the perfect excuse. At first I'd planned on a red plaid shirt, but when I held the red up to the beard color they clashed really badly making me decide to go with a yellow shirt instead. I think it turned out much better this way.
All the yarns used (other than the beard) were Knit Picks Palette or Golden Sun Bamboo (bought from China on ebay). This is an incredibly cute project, but I can't lie - it is pretty tedious to knit. I think he took 3 hours to make and it's all because of all the color changes. I love the result, so I'm happy I made it, but just be aware that this is a more involved project than it seems to begin with.
I added a little lanyard so this can be used as a key chain or hung from something if desired. I love these little lanyard things - I picked up 100 off ebay (from China for seriously $1.60 shipped total) and they really make these little projects so much more purposeful. Cute as they are, what can you really do with a 1" tall knitted lumberjack? This way he can be seen daily and be useful:)
So there's the little lumberjack :) I really love the tiny patterns like this and I definitely plan on making more. I need at least one for myself after all, lol. I've been told that the recipient of this little fella thinks he's fantastic, so that's always nice too. Yay for teeny tiny knitting!

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