Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas FO: Belle, Princess of TP

Another gift I knew early on what I wanted it to be was this one. Back in 2014, I made Cinderella for my sister's friend's daughter. She turned out ridiculously cute, and when I showed her around to my family my dad said, "What is it? One of those toilet paper covers for the back of the tank? My Grandma had tons of those." The decision was made then and there: my dad needed a princess toilet roll cover, lol. Flash forward to this Christmas when I was making my official plans, and this popped back up. Perfect!
So this time I went with a different princess in the same idea. My dad thinks that Belle is Disney's hottest princes, lol, so it was only appropriate that I make him his favorite, right? I used the Belle pattern by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein (the same designer from the other Disney dolls I've made). Belle and Cinderella are the only ones without lower limbs (meaning their skirts are empty), so they are the only ones that qualify for toilet roll covering duty.
To make this a "toilet roll cover", all I had to do was lengthen the skirt section. I just kept repeating the double crochet layer, throwing in the scalloped layer when I felt like it to keep things pretty. I think it worked out rather well :)
So I just kept making the skirt until it was tall enough to accommodate a standard roll of toilet paper. Now that TP will always be dust free!
Belle was made with all yarns from my stash. The beige and brown are Vanna's Choice (in beige and chocolate) and the yellow is Loops and Threads Impeccable in Butterscotch (luckily this was their old recipe for yarn before they made it super clingy). Her dress is quite fancy and slips down over her shoulders like in the movie. So cute!
So there you have it - my dad's Christmas gift :) He thought it was pretty awesome and I am happy to report that Belle has been in her rightful place ever since and doing a fine job, lol.

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