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A Year In Thread - 2015

I know, I know, you're probably all sick of year end posts by now. I just can't resist rounding things up and looking at it all together in one place! So really these posts are for me, lol. This year marked a huge change in my sewing habits. I've been able to make sewing clothing a regular part of my week most of the year and I'm loving every minute of it :) Here are the things I made this year and how they still stand:
1. Navy Peggy Skirt - I still wear this constantly - it seriously goes with everything. I should really make another...
2. Camera Margot PJ Pants - Living in Florida isn't the best place for flannel pants, but these are fun and get worn on cooler occasions.
3. Pretteh Kitteh Skirt - I love this skirt, but I had a small tragedy with the lining. Apparently I should've made the lining a bit looser because I split the seam. It's been hanging in my sewing room waiting to be fixed ever since.
4. Skewed Flowers Dress - This had only been worn a few times. Maybe when it cools off and I can bear to wear a sweater it will see more wear.
5. Altered Maroon Skirt - Another absolute staple item in my wardrobe. This gets worn a lot.
6. Skirt No More Renfrew - Not a lot of wear for this one. It's cute enough, but kind of has to be worn with the right thing. Plus it has to be hand washed because of the appliqué, so it sits quite a while between wears when it gets dirty.
7. Take A Seat Dress - I still wear this to church and get compliments every time. Love it!
8. Altered Navy Pin Dot Skirt - Another piece that goes with everything and gets a lot of wear. I want to recreate this in the future. It's so flattering on and super comfy.
 9. Floral Plantain - I love wearing this (see my top 5 makes, lol)
10. Blue Beignet - I really like this one, but it's kind of a difficult color to match a shirt with. It feels too boring to just wear a white t-shirt, but I don't really have many sweaters to round things off with. I really need to figure that wardrobe hole out so I can wear this more.
11. Don't Let The Bird Do The Dishes Dress - Another dress that gets worn every so often and always gets loads of attention, lol. IT's just so crazy.
12. Crazy Chevron Tee - This one sits in my drawer unloved. I sleep in it sometimes.
13. Ruched-Sleeve Renfrew - Never worn, never going to be worn. This will leave me soon.
14. Plume-y Plantain - This still hangs around because I can't bare to get rid of it, but it hasn't been worn in months.
15. Gertie's Cherries Sorbetto - Not so frequently worn, but gets out enough that I don't want to get rid of it. If it was only a smidge longer...
16. Blue Floral Sorrel - A definite favorite. I wear this all the time! It makes for a great work shirt too, so it gets out more than most of my me-mades.
17. Southern Lady Plantain - I love this one and it comes out when I decide to wear jeans or a casual skirt.
18. Lady Skater Dress (unblogged) - This dress never made the blog (I always intended to, but I just never got any pics in it since I don't like it). This was an experiment to see if I would like a knit dress if it had a circle skirt and I made it to fit me. The answer: nope, still don't like knit dresses on me! I just feel uncomfortable with fabrics that cling to my butt. Wovens on the bottom half it shall be!
19. Pantry Concealing Curtains (unblogged) - This project was just too boring to blog about. They are rectangles. Hanging from a rod. They do make my kitchen look neater, so I love them for that.
20. Blue Plantain For My Mom - This shirt was a big hit! My mom wears it pretty frequently and always says how comfy it is. I am still hunting for the perfect blue cotton jersey to make my own version.
21. Cloth Pads - My most controversial project blogged this year, lol. Needless to say, these get used quite a lot and they're still going strong for the most part.
22. Blue Jean Melissa Skirt - Another wardrobe staple here. I wore it all the time in spite of the tiny pockets, but then I made my brown version with the alterations to fit better and this one went to the sides a bit. I've had to repair the fabric at the pockets because I actually pulled the seam and it frayed the fabric. There's a lot of zig zag stitching over that spot now, lol. It blends in pretty well though, so I still do wear this. I will probably make another jean version of this skirt in the future with my mods.
23. Forest Friends Sorrel - One of my favorites! I wear this all. the. time. I've already had to shave it from minor pilling if that tells you how much I wear this.
24. EnCircled in Kitties Skirt - This one comes out occasionally. It's so girly and frilly that it doesn't exactly fit into my everyday wardrobe, and I'm always worried I'll snag it on something at work. It's fun though and gets a lot of compliments when I do wear it :)
25. Joy-ful Halloween Dress - Obviously I don't run around in this very often. Sadly the blue permanent marker bled in the wash so now the flowers have ghosty splotches around them. I've tried to get them off, but I'm not going to bust my butt over it. It was a costume after all. I can still wear it should I need to be Joy again though.
26. Pinwheel Plan-Frew - I wore this to Thanksgiving dinner and it's been out a few times since then. Still love those elbow patches.
27. Stripey Plan-Frew - This one is more casual than my usual pieces, so it doesn't get worn all the time. I do grab it first when I need to run out for something and it helps me still look put together.
28. Brown Melissa Skirt - I'm kind of surprised I haven't messed this one up yet since I wear it so much. I freaking love this skirt. Best skirt of the year, hands down.
29. Lukey's Lizard PJs - I haven't blogged my Christmas makes yet, but Luke liked these enough to ask if he could put them on as soon as he opened them. I take that as a good sign :)
30. Bowties for Justin - My husband requested these and even picked out the fabrics from my stash himself. We haven't had any bowtie occasions yet, but I'm sure they'll get worn.
31. Sequin Stripe Refashion for Kelly - I almost kept this one for myself! I made a pattern from a shirt my sister really liked the fit of for Christmas, then refashioned a huge shirt to make this for her. She wore it on the 26th and said she loved it :) She wants the pattern so she can make herself some. I'll blog this soon.
32. Sand Free Beach Bag - This was a really cool project (not to toot my own horn or anything). I still haven't given this to its recipient, but I liked the finished product so much I want to make one for myself.
33. Artsy Flowers Sorrel - This was my personal reward for finishing all my Christmas gifts, and I love it so much. This one will be a winner for sure, and I'll blog about it soon.

So, I sewed 33 projects (more if you could individual items) this year. Pretty awesome :) Lots of knit t-shirts, lots of refashions. I know that I will still always gravitate toward those fun projects, but I'm hoping I'll get more woven patterns fitted and sewn up next year along with maybe some more difficult projects. Yay for sewing!

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