Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Top 5 Goals

Make more woven dresses - I've come to terms with the fact that this year it was mostly all about sewing t-shirts. Quick + easy + fits + gets lots of wear = so hard to pick the harder path! I have identified quite a few of my fitting alterations, but it never fails that even with making muslins and thinking the fit is good on a woven pattern ... I will need some other change that I didn't see before. It's so frustrating! There are so many pretty woven dresses and shirts that I long to make, but the stress I've been under this last year has me constantly reaching for the guaranteed win of a knit shirt. I'm tired of having such a huge stack of lovely patterns that I have yet to make! This year I promise to expand my repertoire more and devote more time to sewing wovens.

Make pants - This is a hard one since I have honestly not worn pants regularly in years. I'm a skirts girl through and through (so comfy!). I did find a pair of really stretchy jeans this past year that I like wearing, so it got me wondering if I could figure out my adjustments on a pair of pants and if I would like them more? I already have the Thurlow pattern traced off and ready to go, so those will be happening soon.

Make a sloper - I have almost all of the sloper and pattern drafting classes from Craftsy and I have yet to use them. There are so many design features that I long to incorporate together and I know that having a sloper to just draft from will make all of that possible. This will be the year that I work on some slopers!

Use more stash/buy less fabric and yarn- When is this NOT a goal, amiright? I have a crazy large stash. I've come to terms with it. I can justify it by the simple fact that I live so far from a legitimate fabric store so shopping for supplies and fabric is a planned event. I tend to plan out what I want to make and then get all the materials I need so I have them on hand when the mood strikes. Add that to the fact that I'm an avid thrift store shopper and you end up with quite a lot of stuff. I've got fabric and notions that I've never used and have no real plan to wear, but I keep it around for muslins and whatnot. I'm going to do a big cull though because the stash has outgrown my closet and is spilling out into the floor. Not cool. Even though I technically always work from my stash, I want to amp this up even more. I also want to finally bite the bullet and do an online destash (what do you guys think? ebay? instagram? etsy? all three?) I can foresee some downsizing happening this year as well as being even more strict with my budget, so I plan on making the most of what I already have at my disposal.

Publish a crochet pattern - This was actually a dream from earlier this year that is almost complete. I have a pattern written, laid out on photoshop, and even tested. I just need to finish up the changes I need to make and reformat it. Life just got in the way right around the time I was ready to move forward this year. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but I am very excited to get it out there into the world in 2016. After that, who knows? Maybe more, maybe not. We shall see :)

Congratulations! You have survived my Top 5 lists :) I'm almost sorry to say that I still have my usual year end round ups coming up, lol (sorry for you, not me). Hopefully you're not too sick of all this looking back. I have 3 more reflection-style posts this coming week and then I will be posting about Christmas gifts I made. So, fun stuff ahead. I promise!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve tonight and a restful day tomorrow. I will be busy elbowing old ladies for fabric deals at The Sewing Studio - it's a bi-annual tradition :) Until next year!

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