Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Waiting and Mysteries...

Things on my Penelope Sweater have reached a slight stand still. I finished the knitting over a week ago, blocked it last week, then didn't get to sew the ribbon on the button bands until the last 2 nights. The crazy thing is that all my sweater lacks from being completely finished is 3 buttons...
I bought these buttons (La Petite #573 - good grief I've said that number so much I've committed it to memory) at Hancock Fabrics a month ago. They were just so perfect for this sweater, I had to buy them even though they only had 3 cards of them in stock. "No worries!" I thought, "They will certainly restock them again soon." Guys, I've checked back every Monday for the past month (Monday is the only time I am anywhere near the store and it is an hour away from my house) and they STILL have not restocked this button. Every time I ask about it, I just am told that they get shipments of buttons all the time but the store has no idea what is coming until it gets there. I've checked every other store around that sells buttons, and no one else seems to carry La Petite brand. I've even looked online, but by the time I buy the buttons and pay the shipping I would be paying 4 times as much on the one card of buttons than I paid for the other two combined. Thus, I wait ...
I don't like having to wait so long (obviously, ha ha), but it's worth it on these particular buttons. I mean, could these be any prettier with this sweater? It's like these were made to go with my blue yarn. So, hopefully I get this completely finished soon, but until then it is certainly wearable. I've still got til the end of this month for the knit along anyway :)
I started checking all of my Ravelry groups a few days ago (after a long absence in some), and I learned that I was missing out on a Mystery Knit Along! What?! It's my favorite one of the year too, so I immediately purchased the pattern and started catch up knitting. It's the Fuzzy Mitten Mystery Knit Along and 4 clues (out of 6) have already been released. The first 3 clues are all to make the animal's outfit, which was just fine but since 4 clues were available and the 4th started the animal itself, I decide to just start with the 4th and go from there. 
These are the legs, the front and back of the body (black front, brown back), and the beginning of a trouser leg. The outfit is a karate gi (which is what the outfit they wear is called, and yes I had to look that up, lol), so I'm thinking of East Asian animals that this little guy could be. I have a few ideas (one of the earliest guesses by another Raveler is the one I think is correct), but I'm just along for the ride and hoping I can catch up with getting his outfit made. The next two clues will be released the next two Fridays and I'm so excited!
So that's what's going on in these parts. I just made a huge yarn and fabric score at a thrift shop last week, so my brain is reeling with future sewing plans. I'm starting my holiday gift making, but hopefully I can squeeze a few makes for myself in as well. To see what others are working on, head over to Gracey's Goodies and look around :)

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