Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday: New Sweaters - Yay!

In honor of finishing my Agatha Cardigan, I started two more, lol. The one that I've devoted the most attention to lately is my Penelope.
The knit along officially began on October 1st, and managed to finish the color work for the yoke pretty quickly. I just joined the pieces together for the body last night. I decided to use some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in Coral from my stash for the yoke because I liked the color combo with my main yarn. The main yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in Sapphire Seas that I've had since 2013. It's high time this pretty yarn gets used!
The Cascade yarn is hand painted and has a lovely color variation of blues and a little bit of purple. You can see this better in this picture. I know it's an unconventional color combo, but I still like it :) Plus all of this yarn was from my stash! Yay for a huge stash when you don't have money to buy yarn, lol. I''m really excited to have this sweater for the winter.
Before the Penelope KAL started, I needed a new project so I went ahead and began another sweater, lol. I've always loved the Ginny Cardigan from Unofficial Harry Potter Knits and I kept coming back to that when I decided that I wanted a more outerwear type sweater this year. It worked out perfectly to make since I have this amazing yarn in my stash that worked perfectly for it - it's Limerick by Wisdom Yarns (now discontinued) and it's a DK weight 100% merino wool superwash yarn. The yarn is very hairy and varied in thickness compared to my usual standardized Cascade and cheapy acrylic yarns I tend to use. I was worried at first that it would look odd, but it's knitting up beautifully. I guess this is really my first "rustic" yarn. I love the color variation - it goes from kelly green to a more blue/teal color and back. Anyway, I just started the owls on the back before I set it aside for the Penelope, lol. I'm really excited about this sweater too though!
I also finally started sewing my Halloween costume this week. I think I cursed myself by thinking it would be a quick project. I got the  dress all put together only to discover that it's too tight when I tried it on. Ugh! I've let it out everywhere I can, but it's still too snug so I may add gussets to the side seams. I didn't want to think about it any more last night so it's just hanging out in the naughty corner for the moment.
I'm also pretty ridiculously excited about Sewing Indie Month and my submissions :) The voting is going on right now, so if you wouldn't mind voting for one of my projects over here. Sorry for all the vote begging. I'll lay off next week, lol.
That's it for me this week! Head over to Gracey's Goodies to see other fantastic works in progress :)

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