Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Halloween Prep and Progress

I've been busy with so many other things this past week - lots of sewing (and various issues with fitting and whatnot that have made me so stinkin' mad), lots of cleaning and home repairs, and lots of going to bed early and waking up really early to teach early morning seminary at my church (thankfully I'm just substituting for the week - I'm so tired!). It seems that I spoke too soon about how much knitting I got done, because I've now negated the speed with not doing anything on my Penelope for a full week. Ah well. At least I made the sleeve cap and got started on the straight knitting and decreases. At least that's visible progress. Come November, I hope to have more knitting time. Halloween is always busy for me. One of the things that took some of my knitting time is this next project:
Can you guess what it is yet? Probably not, lol. It's Bing Bong from Inside Out! I'm making him to go with my Halloween costume (I'm setting up a whole Inside Out themed trunk for Trunk or Treat this weekend at church - I will get pictures!), and I really need to kick some butt on making him up. Above you see his head and body along with his ears and half of his nose. At least the body is done since that's the biggest piece. I have all the yarns picked out from my stash for his parts, I've just got to have more crocheting time! So frustrating. I'm hoping that I can finish him tomorrow along with my dress so I don't have to stress about my costume at the last second.

I also did manage to finish my Put A Cat On It skirt, but I have to get pictures to post it. Hopefully I can accomplish that soon! Sigh. If only I had more time and didn't need so much sleep.
That's it for me this week :) Check out Gracey's Goodies to see what others are making up too!

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