Monday, October 5, 2015

Sew/Knit Along Addiction - My Plans This Fall

As I know I've mentioned on a few posts lately, I've been taking part in several sew alongs. I always love the comradery and fun community that springs up around them and I always want to join in but never seem to make the time to whip up something appropriate. Finally this year I managed to get things lined up to really join in the fun. I figured I'd post some here that I'm planning on joining :)

First of all, there's Sewing Indie Month. I entered 3 makes in the Everyday Casual category that I made throughout the month of September (Blue Floral Sorrel TopMelissa Skirt, and Forest Friends Sorrel Top). I even jumped this ahead in the blogging queue so that I could get them submitted in time :) Yesterday was the last day for submissions, so my pattern hacking plans did not get made up. I am really proud of the pieces I did make and ended up with two outfits to boot. I have basically lived in this skirt since I made it (I'm even wearing it as I type this, lol) and I have to force myself not to wear the Sorrel tops constantly too. *Shameless Plug Time* The voting for the contest officially begins today! If you liked my pieces, please head over here to vote for one to help me possibly win a prize :) (just click the little heart on photos you like) I guess I'm not really employing a good "strategy by submitting 3 makes, but oh well. I had fun making them :)

I also submitted my Forest Friends Sorrel Top in Selfish Sewing Week hosted by Imagine Gnats. The submissions are posted on Kollabora (which I updated to include all my wardrobe makes this week - see mine here . Who knows if anything will come of this contest, but is was fun to join in.
Cindy from Cation Designs just announced the Put A Cat On It Sew Along this week and I really really want to participate! I have a few yards of the cat printed poly dobby chiffon from Gertie's spring fabric line that I picked up on the 4th of July with the intention of making a cute skirt with it. I'm thinking a simple circle skirt would be really fun since I've yet to make one and this fabric is nice and wide so I know it would work for the length I want. I just have to figure out a lining fabric and do the math. Here's hoping I can get it done!
I also have been making things with the intent of finally joining the Fall Essentials Sew-Along with Rhinestones & Telephones. Even though it doesn't really get cold here, I wanted to enter my Forest Friends Sorrel and Melissa Skirt in the Chic Chemises and Fashionable Foundations categories because they are absolutely the perfect fall outfit pieces for me. Hopefully I can get more pieces made by the November 14th deadline too. I am also knitting a Penelope sweater that I plan to enter in the Chic Chemises group as well if I can finish on time.
I'm knitting away on my sweater for the Penelope KAL with Andi Satterlund. I mentioned joining this a few weeks ago, but I officially decided on yarn and cast on when the KAL began on the 1st. I've already made the top yoke pieces and did the color work. This is really the easiest color work ever and I love the simple result. I can't wait to get more finished so I can show progress :)

All of these projects are being made on top of working, regular life obligations, starting on Christmas gifts, and sewing and crocheting my Halloween costume! I'm going to be really busy, I can tell you. I'm hoping that by double dipping on some of my projects as entries in the different "------ Alongs" that I can still be a part of things without making myself crazy.

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