Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Sweaters and Planning

So, having finished yet another sweater project this past week, I now have only one sweater currently in the works (a miracle, I know, lol).
I started this Agatha cardigan back in December of 2014 but I kept setting it aside to work on other projects. When the end of March rolled around, I had a good deal of the body done but I just had zero desire to work on a long sleeved worsted weight wool sweater in 80+ degree weather (especially when I knew it would be another year before I'd get to wear this even if I pressed on and finished). I set this project aside until I would actually have a prayer of wearing it. With all my sweater finishing, it's pretty safe to say I've caught the sweater bug again. There really is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with wearing a freshly finished hand-knit sweater. It's addictive, I tell ya. Now all I can think about is turning all my stashed yarn into more sweaters.
I'm trying to make myself finish this Agatha before I start anything else. I really do love this pattern. I think it's one of the most interesting designs I've ever tried out - I love the different lace panels and I adore the sleeve design. The leaves going down the whole sleeve are just so so pretty. I also completely love this yarn and it's little twists of color. It's Cascade 220 Superwash Quatro in the Lupin colorway. This yarn is so springy and fantastic. It's just awesome all around! Since I finished the body last week, I started sorting through my button stash to see if I had anything appropriate - I didn't want to find myself ready to put the buttons on only to discover I needed to buy some (live and learn, I guess). At first, I didn't think I had anything. I modified the length of the sweater and ended up needing 11 buttons - not a number I have too many choices in, let alone of a particular size and color. I was resigned to making a trip to Joann's on labor Day to take advantage of their sale, when I dug out my stash buttons again and tried a set I wrote off at first. They are shank buttons that had little clips on the back to hold them onto the card, so I just used the clips to attach them to the button band and have a look.
Um... could these buttons be more perfect?! I can't believe that they work so well. They are the perfect size and just a little bit fancy. They are oval shaped black buttons with a faceted center and little black crystals around the outer edge. I bought them who knows how long ago in the clearance at Hobby Lobby and I happen to  have 12 buttons. Can we say meant to be? Sadly this busted my justification to go to the Joann's sale, but that was all for the best since I'm trying not to spend money. I even have enough black petersham ribbon left over from my Emelie cardigan to line the button bands of the sweater too :) Now I just have to actually knit the rest of it, lol.

In other news, I've had sweater planning fever. I've got about 10 sweaters running around in my head at the moment as well as the yarn to make them with in my stash already. It's ridiculous. If I am good at anything though, it's planning things to make, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorite thoughts here.
This is the most tempting project at the moment - I've always loved the Ginny's Cardigan by Mari Chiba from Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. That owl lace pattern is seriously just so cool, and I've made several "dressy" sweaters now so I feel it would be nice to make a more "outerwear" style sweater to throw on in the winter. I also have plenty of this amazing kelly green/teal yarn in my stash. It's Limerick by Wisdom Yarns and it's a DK weight 100% merino superwash wool. Wouldn't those owls looks so cool in that slight color variegation?! I'm going to be making a swatch for this one tonight. I don't think I can help myself.
The other project that I just can't stop thinking about is the Zest Cardigan by Jennifer Thompson. It's a pretty complicated design with all over lace plus that cable section on the back. I love that it's a little more casual than the things I've been making lately. I'm torn between two colors of Knit Picks Palette yarn I have in my stash. I love the canary yellow in the example photo and I have the exact same yarn in my stash, but I also have an all over lace bright yellow cardigan in my wardrobe I got from Anthropologie a year ago, so I don't really need another. I also have enough yarn in the Macaw colorway and I do love a bright green :) This one may be a bit too complicated to start before Christmas since I will certainly have to set it aside for gift making.
I'm also super excited about my participation prize from the Nosegay Vest Knit Along - Andi is giving all the finished vest makers a copy of her latest design, the Penelope Cardigan. Isn't that nice?! She made a sweater like this for herself quite a while ago and I have always loved that little scalloped yoke detail. Now she's finally written up the pattern and it will be in my hot little hands in 2 days :) Obviously this is super tempting to make up as well, lol. I'll have to dig through my stash to see what I have that may work since this will be the next knit along in October.

Anyway - I've got the itch! lol I can't have just one sweater on the needles. It feels so unnatural. I really want to start putting my stash to good use, so I'm sure I'll be reporting starting one of these soon. I've also been doing a fair bit of sewing that will be reported here soon. Stay tuned!
So that's what going on with me this week :) Head over to Gracey's Goodies to see what others have in the works.

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