Monday, August 17, 2015

FO: The Plume-y Plantain

After 2 days of failed experiments in t-shirt making, I was ready for a guaranteed win. I reached for my favorite Plantain pattern and some cute fabric and set to work!
Ugh please ignore the wrinkles on my skirt! You're here to see the shirt anyway, right?
I adore the fit of the Plantain t-shirt from Deer + Doe. It hugs just enough to flatter and drapes just enough over the tummy to cover up. I've made several of this top now, so I know just what to do to fit it to my specifications. I went with the short sleeve here because it's so freakin' hot right now. I raised the neckline by about 3/4", which has become standard for me on this pattern just so I don't have to fidget with it through out the day and don't worry about exposure. The only thing I don't 100% love about this shirt is that the fabric is a bit more sheer than I anticipated. It's not indecent, just a little awkward and not appropriate for all settings if you catch my meaning. This is a run errands or lay around at home type shirt anyway, so I'm not that worried about it.
Doesn't everything just look so good on a mannequin? I had to include these shots for that reason alone. In the end, I like this shirt but it's right on the edge of being a little boring to me. I think I've ruined myself for plain shirts ever since my last Plantain where I added a neckline trim. I seriously love that shirt and I think the neckline trim makes it look a bit more professional and put together. So in an effort to jazz up this feathered frock, I went on a hunt for trims.
These are the candidates I came away with. On the left is a pretty iridescent brown seed bead trim with a kind of coppery tinsel around the beads. The center is a teal braided polyester cording. The right is a chevron print ribbon. The center is definitely my favorite of the three, but I just can't decide if I should go for it or leave it as is. Here it is pinned in place:
Opinions? I like the look, but is it too southwesty with the feathers and the turquoise combined? I dunno. I'm open to suggestions. In the meantime I've already worn this several times and I know it will be a great piece for the summer.

Husband comment: "At first I thought your shirt was covered in bacon."

I think The Gordo agrees with my husband's early suspicion. Gordo really wanted to be in these photos and just wouldn't get out of the shot. Look at that face - he's so intent. Hopefully he isn't contemplating how to eat my shirt.

Finally a win! Sometimes you just need something that is guaranteed to work, and that's what I love about this pattern. Plantains forever!

Fabric: 1 yard poly/cotton feather print knit from Hancock Fabrics - $2.95
Pattern: Plantain by Deer+ Doe - Free
Hours: 2
Total Cost: $2.95

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